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Stefania Falfari

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/08 Fluid Machinery


Keywords: Turbulence Tumble Fuel Injection Pumps Ignition Water injection Combustion Laminar flame speed Internal combustion engines 3D-CFD simulations

Her research activity is mainly devoted to two fields:

1.       mono-dimensional simulation of pneumatic and hydraulic systems for automotive and industrial applications;

2.       mono-dimensional modeling of SI engined for simulating start-cold strategies: comparisons between gasoline and pure ethanol were performed.

3.       three-dimensional fluid-dynamic simulations of: a) combustion process for gasoline high-performances engines, with a particular care to ignition process; b) turbulence modelling; c) study of tumble motion formation inside cylinder.

4. Water injection applied to modern GDI engines.

5. Analysis of KNOCK onset and development.


1. Mono-dimensional modelling: The first branch of research concerns the development of models for simulating high pressure and fast-actuation solenoid injection systems equipping Common Rail Diesel engines. In particular she developed and validated an experimental methodology of study based on the integrated use of  both mono-dimensional and three-dimensional simulations for obtaining a completely predictive injection system model in collaboration with Magneti Marelli Bologna. Since 2006 she has contracts with industries like FAR, VM-Motori and PAIOLI for mono-dimensional simulation of pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. Last of all she collaborates with Bucher Hydraulics for modelling hydraulic external gear pumps characterized by unitary transmission ratio: in this branch it is of interest the study of  the pressure trend in the inter-teeth volumes related to the pump geometry, the teeth number and the teeth shape for limiting their noise. Finally a new research branch concerns the study of the 'cold start-up' for internal combustion engines fed by pure ethanol.

2. Three-dimensional modelling: in this second research field she studies the modelling of the combustion process in high-performances gasoline engines using the KIVA-3 code implemented at the University of Bologna. A particular care was devoted to the study of critical issues related to the ignition process and a model capable of reproducing it was developed. Now is in progress the study of the formation of a coherent motion (tumble vortex) inside the cylinder during the intake phase and the consequent turbulent kinetic energy formation by means the breakdown of the vortex at the end of the compression stroke. In particular the study aims to investigate the influence of some geometrical parameters on both vortex formation and breakdown. In the last year a new research field was added: water injection in intake manifold/ports (PWI) and in combustion chamber (DWI).

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