Foto del docente

Stefania Falfari

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/08 Fluid Machinery

Curriculum vitae

1999: degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Bologna;

2000-2003: she took her PhD in Machine and Energetic Systems Engineering in 2003 with a thesis titled “Development of methodologies for simulating high pressure and fast-actuation injectors”. During her PhD she spent 6 months at the Engine Research Centre in Madison, Wisconsin, working together with Prof. R. D. Reitz.

2003: she won post-doc biennial scholarship in Industrial Engineering at the University of Bologna.

2004: she won the concourse for becoming a researcher at the University of Bologna sited in Forlì in the disciplinary scientific sector ING-IND 08 (Fluid Machine) and she got under way in April 2005.


She taught lessons in fluid machinery field ING-IND/08 periodically since 2001. Since 2006 she is supply teacher of three classes.


Her research activity is mainly devoted to two fields: 1. mono-dimensional simulation of pneumatic and hydraulic systems for automotive and industrial applications; 2. three-dimensional fluid-dynamic simulations of combustion process for gasoline high-performances engines, with a particular care to ignition process. The first branch of research concerns the development of models for simulating high pressure and fast-actuation solenoid injection systems equipping Common Rail Diesel engines. Moreover she is involved in mono-dimensional simulations of pneumatic and hydraulic circuits, plus external gear pumps characterized by unitary transmission ratio.

In the second research field she studies the combustion process modelling in high-performances gasoline engines. A particular care was devoted to the study of critical issues related to the ignition process.  She is involved in the study of alternative fuels in SI engines.

Currently, she is studying modern Miller and Atkinson cycles applied to modern turbo-charged GDI engines, plus she is performing thermodynamic and fluid-dyamics analysis of last generation engines like 'SACI' engine concept.


She performed joint collaborative projects with following companies: VM Motori, Magneti Marelli Bologna, Ferrari, PIAGGIO, FAR, PAIOLI, BUCHER HYDRAULICS.