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Piergiorgio Degli Esposti

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology and Business Law

Academic discipline: SPS/08 Sociology of Culture and Communication


Dissertation topics suggested by the teacher.

As a supervisor or co-rapporteur, the topics on which I advise to develop research work and thesis to be proposed are:

  • Prosumer e prosumer capitalism
  • Deadmalls and digitizing process of consumption places
  • Digital physical hybridisation
  • AI, bots and human machines interaction
  • Being human in the digital society
  • Media activism and forms of protest in the digital sphere
  • Cripto currency and cashless society
  • Sharing economy
  • Digital surveillance
  • Digital cultures and subcultures
  • Globalization and de-globalization

If you wish to apply for a dissertation or to propose a topic

  1. Fill the proposal form (you may be asked for your UNIBO login info)
  2. Book office hour

Please note: filling the form does not imply in any way the acceptance of the dissertation by the supervisor.
The topic of the dissertation is considered assigned only after the interview with the supervisor and his eventual approval.


  1. In the communication with the supervisor always use the email 
  2. While you elaborate the dissertation document send to the supervisor in vision always and only a single file complete with front page face, index, chapters carried out and bibliography.
  3. Do not send separate chapters that are not accompanied by a title page.
  4. For the dissertation file use the following naming procedure: thesis-name-surname.doc (stating your name and surname)
  5. Any subsequent versions of the document must be saved according to the following procedure: thesis-name-surname-v1.doc (Use a progressive number for each version subsequent to the first one)
  6. Only .doc or .pdf files will be took in consideration.
  7. For the editing rules check the web page of your degree course.
  8. For notes, citations and bibliography, consult the Chicago Manual of Style.
  9. The latest version of the dissertation's file will be verified with anti-plagiarism software
  10. In order to apply for your graduation and submit your Thesis for the final approval of your Supervisor you need to upload your Thesis in pdf-format on studenti on-line.

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