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Paola Bonifacci

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/01 General Psychology

Curriculum vitae

Current position: Researcher, Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, M-PSI-01 (General Psychology).

Head of L.A.D.A. (Laboratory Assessment Learning Disabilities) and of the Clinical Service for the Assessment of Learning Disabilities.

Areas of Interest: General Psychology, Typical and atypical development, Specific Learning Disabilities, Affective Neuroscience.

Research Areas:

Prevention and diagnosis of learning disorders: Preschool age - Early indicators and early identification techniques of risk factors for learning difficulties, with particular reference to planning in kindergarten and in the early years of primary school in order to promote the prevention and early diagnosis of Specific Disorders of Learning. Specific Learning Disorders - Assessment of reading-writing skills, calculation and comprehension of the text in primary school years. Development of assessment tools. Study of the endophenotypic traits of specific reading and calculation disorders through the analysis of the broader phenotype in parenting groups.

Bilingualism: Learning profiles: Evaluation of protective factors and risk factors in learning Italian L2 in bilingual children. Acquisition of reading-writing skills and comprehension of the text. Enhancement interventions for the development of L2 skills in preschool. Diagnosis of Primary Language Disorder and Specific Learning Disorders in conditions of bilingualism. Cognitive advantages - Study of the functions of cognitive control, anticipation and processing speed in bilingual subjects.

Intergenerational transmission of cognitive skills and parents' emotional profiles: Study of typical and atypical profiles in parents and children with reference to cognitive functions and their relationships with environmental, cognitive and emotional variables.

Eye movements and skin conductance for the evaluation of emotional-cognitive integration: Research line: evaluation of indicators of cognitive processing (eye movements) and autonomic activation (SCR, Skin Conductance Response) in typical and atypical development profiles. Study on adult populations regarding the recognition of family faces.


2010: Postgraduate Degree in Systemic Family Therapy, CBTF, Bologna.

2004: Admission at the List of Psychologists (N°. 2774 - 24/06/2004)

2003-2008: Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Reading and Language, Department of Psychology, University of York (UK), Master “MSc in Reading, Language and Cognition”, supervisor: Prof. Margaret Snowling.

2001-2004: Ph.D. Program in Experimental and Clinical Psychology, University of Bologna, Department of Psychology.

1999-2000: Postgraduate apprenticeship, University of Bologna, Department of Psychology.

1993-1999: B.S. and M.A. in Experimental Psychology, University of Bologna, Department of Psychology. 


Current Teaching:

- Metodi e Tecniche di Valutazione dei Disturbi di Apprendimento (Methods for the Assessment of Learning Disabilities) (40 Hours), Professional Master in School Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Bologna.

- Processi e Disturbi dell'Apprendimento (Learning Processes and Impairment) (60 hours), Professional Master in Applied Cognitive Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Bologna

Director of Higher Education Course (Lifelong Learning) "Bilingualism Specific Learning Disorders: methodologies for assessment and intervention (Lifelong Learning) - 5626" 6CFU. University of Bologna (7/12 / 18- 1/02/2019)


Clinical Practice:

Member of the clinical staff of the L.A.D.A. (Laboratory for the Assessment of Learning Disability) and of the Affective Neuroscience Centre of the Faculty of Psychology, Cesena. Experience in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders. Established experience in building collaborative networks among   schools, National Health Service centers and University.

Institutional positions

2017- Present: Member of the Bioethics Commission of the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna

2012-2019: Member of the Library Commission, Department of Psychology, University of Bologna

2018- present: Member of the Third Mission Commission, Department of Psychology, University of Bologna


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