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Monica Bartolini

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/07 Business Administration and Accounting Studies

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Economics and Commerce


Keywords: Lean Accounting Digital Accounting Business Performance Analytics Strategic Cost Management Management Controll Systems for SME's Strategic Management Accounting Systems Italian and International Accounting Standards

Digital Accounting and Business Performance Analytics (BPA)

Strategic Cost Management

Cost Management for Lean Organizations

Strategic Control Systems

International Accounting Standards for big and small-medium size companies (SMEs)

Control Systems in SMEs                      

Strategic Cost Systems – The research activity has the main objective of understanding how cost management can help the development of an effective strategy.

Cost Management and Lean Organizations – The research activity has the main objective of setting proper cost management approaches and cost analysis tools able to support a lean process transformation and a lean organization.

Strategic Control Systems – The research activity aims to match the theory about the strategic role of control systems and their current implementation in practice, both in small and in big organizations.

International Accounting Standards – The research activity takes into consideration the relevant changes involving international accounting standards both for big companies and for SMEs. In particular, it explores the relation between financial information and Basilea 2

Control Systems and SMEs – The research project aims to understand the impact of control systems on SMEs management, in terms of opportunity and risks, strengths and weaknesses.