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Monica Bartolini

Associate Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/07 Business Administration and Accounting Studies


Collaboration with:
CEPRA (Center for Performance Research & Analytics)
The goal of the project is to gather information about the changes in the design and use of management accounting & control systems in business units as a result of the crisis. In the management accounting literature, there is little information about the changes that companies make (or have made) during the financial crisis. This is rather strange, as there is a lot of discussion in the practitioner literature about how to get through the crisis. By gathering information in different countries, this provides an opportunity to put CEPRA on the map as a European research center in performance measurement. Each of the co-authors will gather information in his/her own country. This should lead to a (number of) practitioner publications, where statistical overviews can be provided on what tools are used in specific countries, how that differs across industries, what changes have been made in the past 5 years, etc. University involved: University of Augsburg (Germany), University of Bologna (Italy), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) e University of St. Gallen (Switzerland).
Collaboration with:
Cardiff University - LERC (Lean Enterprise Centre)
United Kingdom
International research program on Lean Accounting (coordinators: prof. Peter Hines (Cardiff), prof. Riccardo Silvi (Bologna).

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