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Marina Artese

Foreign language instructor: Italian

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Curriculum vitae


1st Jan. 2009 - 27th May 2013
Project research title: Interazioni e identità nella classe di Italiano come lingua seconda all’Università – Interactions and Identities in Italian as a Second Language University Class. Central subject: interactional identity construction in teaching and learning of Italian as a second language, data from two Italian universities.
Department of studies on Social Change, Law Institutions and Communication – Macerata University. Coordinator: Prof. Danielle Lévy; tutor: Prof. Stefania Cavagnoli; junior tutor: Dr. Mathilde Anquetil

27th Jan. – 31th May 2011
Erasmus Placement Programme
Internship at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Co-coordinator of the Internship: Prof. Ineke Vedder, Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam. Work subject: CALC Project, quantitative analysis of Italian L1 written texts.
Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam, Bungehuis, Spuistraat 210, Amsterdam, the Nehterlands

3rd Jan. – 12th Aug. 2010
Erasmus Studium Programme
EILC Dutch Course (60 hours) at Inholland (January)
Dutch Course (45 hours) at the Italian Culture Institute Amsterdam (Feb. Apr.)
Dutch Course (60 hours) at Instituut van Nederlands als tweede Taal, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Field Data Collection at Utrecht University and at Radboud University Nijmegen, co-coordinated by Prof. Ineke Vedder, Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam
Inholland Hogeschool, Amstelveen, the Netherlands
Center of Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy, Radboud University Nijmegen coord. Prof. Van Tongeren Erasmusplein 1 Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Istituto di Cultura Italiana Amsterdam, princegracht 286 Amsterdam, the Nederlands
Instituut van Nederlands als tweede Taal, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Spuistraat 134 Amsterdam, the Netherlands
James Boswel Institute, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands

18th July – 17th August 2009
“Dutch culture and society” Course – Summer School – Utrecht University
Pre-phase of data collection for Doctoral research project
Utrecht University, Utrecht – the Netherlands

Biannual Master Course in “Communication: theory and practice”
1. First year paper title: “The negotiate interaction in the learning evaluation process: analysis and results of a classroom experience”.
2. Second year project work title: “Communicative styles in the classroom” presentation and review of the book “Communicative styles in the classroom – Paths and investigation matters of a research-action group” A. Carli (ed.)
3. Training Period on: “Visual Communication in teaching material for learning languages on/off-line: an example of material for teaching italian to foreigners” at C.I.L.T.A.
Department of Communication – University of the Republic of San Marino – San Marino. Coordinator: Prof. Giovanna Cosenza

Thesis title: L’interazione verbale tra parlante nativo e non nativo – Tthe verbal interaction between native and non-native speakers.
Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures. Bologna University. Coordinator: Prof. Franco La Polla; tutor: Dott. Guy Aston.


Work Experience

1993 to present - teacher of Italian as L2.

since 28th December 2001 (on permantent basis)
• Intensive and extensive course teaching and teaching design.

• Analysis of virtual communication in forum: characteristics of the virtual written-spoken language and communicative functions of visuals: graphics, iconic, in particular comics (2005-2006).

• Professor in the course of Italian language and culture entitled “Teaching of Italian Literature” at Yerevan State University (Armenia) within an exchange program promoted by the Bologna University (September - October 2009).

• Co-author of the so-called “language orientation test” with Luisa Bavieri, (1st edition published July 2013, 2nd edition July 2017):

• Scientific and methodological responsibility of the entry test for Italian as a second language (on-line written part) (from May 2006 to December 2008 and from January 2012 to July 2014).

• Implementation of a methodological approach and teaching material in order to enhance cultural and social competence and awareness during the study of Italian as a second language (2012 to date). 

• Representative for the University of Bologna in the national university team work for instituting the AICLUCert (University language certification) for Italian as a second language (from 2014 to 2017).

• from March 2021 to present: Collaboration to the QuILL Project - Quality In Language Learning , EU financed project 2020-1-PT01-KA226-HE-094809 as part of the Italian L2 team of the University Language Centre - Bologna University.

Project web site:


As a freelance:

February 1993 - October 2001 - At Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo (CLA) - University Language Centre, former C.I.L.T.A. - Interfaculty Center of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics “L. Heilmann” – Bologna University - Piazza San Giovanni in Monte, 4 – Bologna- Italy.

Design and teaching of Italian for foreign university students (Erasmus)
February - March 1998
Design and writing of the Call of Proposal form for the TALL (Teaching Autonomy in Language Learning) Project Learning – Leonardo da Vinci EU Programme, approved financing 145.000 Euro.
February – April 1999
Procedure for transferring the TALL Project at AECA Training Company - Bologna.

May 2004
Temporary contract (19 hour course) financed by Ras Bank Italia.
Teacher of Italian Language (L2) to German Architects
Intensive course design and teaching Italian L2 (technical language) for German Architects in training at Bologna Offices.
Bologna Order of Architects Via Saragozza, 123 - Bologna
Professional order
August 1995, June 1999 and August 2003
Free lance Teacher of Italian (L2) to foreigners (freelance contract: August 1995, 60 hours; June 1999, 80 hours; August 2003 100 hours)
Design and teaching Italian L2 to Greek students (August 1995)
Design and teaching Italian to foreign managers and professionals as a pre-session to the ENI Master Medea (June 1999; August 2003)
C.L.A. Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo (University Language Centre) (the administrative activities are presently moved to the International Relations Department)- University of Camerino (MC - Italy)
University Language Center – public institution

1992 – 2001
Coordinator and teacher
Central coordinator of the three-year INPS (National Institute for Social Security) Project (2001-2003) Title: Corsi di lingua inglese in autoapprendimento tramite software multimediale, integrato da sessioni d'aula" (English Courses in self-learning with multimedial software, blended teaching, i.e. class-room sessions) for managers, professionals and employees (2.000 participants, 5 levels of language competence, 200 class-groups, 8 teaching centres all over the National territory).
Co-author of the project for the public competition
Central coordinator of 10 tutors and 25 teachers for organizing teaching and qualitative and economic evaluation of the project.
Human resource selection and managing.
Client interface.

Central coordinator of the one-year INPS PROGETTO "Corsi di lingua inglese in autoapprendimento tramite software multimediale, integrato da sessioni d'aula" (English Courses in self-learning with multimedial software, blended teaching, i.e. class-room sessions) for managers, professionals and employees (1000 participants, 100 class groups, 6 teaching centres over the whole National territory).
Central coordinator of 7 tutors and 16 teachers for organizing teaching and qualitative and economic evaluation of the project. (for details, see above)
Distance and class-room Tutor for English language in the Bologna teaching centre (140 participants) for the first 3 modules (3 months).

From 1997 to 1999
Coordinator and evaluator of the distance training project “On-line Green – multimedial CD-Rom for environmental technicians, eco-managers and co-auditor – English, Italian, and Danish”, financed by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme.
• Participation in the project design phase.
• Participation in the English and Danish course design on CD-Rom support.
• Author of the teaching design and material of the Italian course on CD-Rom for self- and distance learning for the above mentioned Project.
• Supervisor of the software production.
• Participation in the writing and design of the web site On-line Green implemented by Sinnea International as a distance support tool for the learners On-line Green.
• Final budget for the final report, sent to the European Commission.

From 1992 to 1998
Course design and teaching Italian for foreign students (European Business School, London - Frankfurt) and in-company courses (many courses of various lenght).

From 1994 to 1995
Coordinator of the three-year Lingua Project, within the European Programme Lingua Title: “Multimedial course for commercial operators (English and Italian).
• Collaboration in the methodological definition of the distance learning approach (teaching material design).
• Editor of th book “L’Italiano in Azienda” (Italian in Company), Italian course for commerce operators in self-study, Authors: L. Licari, C. Brighetti, F. Minuz, F. Bosc.

S.C.S. Azioninnova Consulting S.p.A.- Training and Consulting (former Sinnea International s.r.l.) - Via della Cooperazione, 21 - Bologna Sinnea International s.r.l. - Via Ronco, 1 Castelmaggiore (Bo)
Presently the company’s name is S.C.S. Azioninnova S.p.A. – Training and Consulting Via Marco Emilio Lepido, 182/3 - Bologna - ph. 051-3160311.
Private company for company training and consulting
Private company for company training and consulting

Free lance teacher of Italian as a foreign language (FL)
Teacher of Italian (FL) to German speakers (two course for beginners and intermediates (10,5 hours)
Berlitzschule Adolfstrasse - Wiesbaden (Germany)
Private language school

Free lance teacher of Italian as a foreign language (FL)
Italian L2 teacher to German speakers
Design and teaching Italian as a foreign language to absolute beginners (16,5 hours).
Volksbildungstätte Schierstein - Wiesbaden (Germany)
Popular school – regional institution

March 1988 – November 1989
Secretary Assistant with the following functions:
Editing of the Newsletter in English of the Collegium (Quarterly).
Organizing Committee of the Worldly Congress for Occupational Medicine (1989).
Managing of the Secretariat of the Collegium (mailing, filing, liaison among the members).
Ramazzini Institute - Bologna
at Collegium Ramazzini – Secretariat of the Occupational Medicine Academy, Via Saliceto, 3, Bentivoglio (Bo) - Italy
Independent International Academy for Occupational Medicine