Foto del docente

Luigi Ragni

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/09 Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization


Keywords: NIR Vibrations Noise Tractor-implement system Gas-plasma Dielectric properties Pulsed electric fields

1) Vibration and noise which the users of agricultural machines are exposed;

2) dynamic-energetic analysis of the tractor-implement substrate systems;

3) mechanical damage of the food products due to the post-harvest processes and transportation;

4) non-destructive methods to evaluate the quality of the food products;

5) setting-up of new technologies to sanitise the food products;

6) devices for pulsed electric field generation.

1) the research is addressed to the analysis of vibration and noise generated by agricultural machines and transmitted to the operator during tillage, in different working conditions. The effects of that exposures on user are assessed by using the predictive statistical models set-up by international standards;

2) the research is based on the setting-up of a computerized tractor equipped with sensors for measuring the main working parameters (force of traction, consumption, speed etc.);

3) the main aim of the research is the analysis of shocks and damages of food products due to the post-harvest processes by using simulator instruments. Moreover, electro-dynamic shakers to reproduce the transport vibrations are used in laboratory;

4) the main aim of the research is the setting-up of off or on-line systems for food products sorting based on the interactions of the biological material with electro-magnetic fields at several wave length (from near infrared to radio frequencies). The qualitative determination is pursued through predictive mathematic-statistic models based on the spectral or waveforms data associated with the field response;

5) the sanitisation of food products by using techniques based on gas plasma generation where the regulation does not allow conventional means is assessed (e. g. shell eggs). The research is addressed to the setting-up of gas plasma generators and their electrical and component characterization;

6) the activity is related to the design and setting up of equipment for the generation of pulsed electric fields, used to produce technological modifications in agro-food products and for their sanitization.