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Luigi Ragni

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/09 Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization

Curriculum vitae

Education and profession: Agricultural Science Degree, University of Bologna, AY 1986/87. Doctorate in Agricultural Mechanics, University of Bologna, 1992. Postgraduate scholarships in electronics applied to the agricultural machineries and in the tractors ergonomics, Research Institute for the Agricultural Mechanisation, Ministry of the Agricultural Food and Forestry Resources, 1 February, 1992 – 31 January, 1994 and 5 April, 1994 – 30 June, 1995. Researcher for the group of branches G03 (AGR/09), 1995, and, subsequently, associate professor, 2014, University of Bologna.

Research activity: ergonomics and safety of the agricultural machineries; dynamic-energetic analysis of the agricultural machineries; damage of agri-food products during postharvesting processing and transportation; setting up of non-destructive techniques based on the dielectric properties and the near infrared spectroscopy to assess the quality of agri-foods products; gas-plasma and pulsed electric field systems for the microbial decontamination and the quality preservation of agri-food products.

Teaching activity: teaching, at the University of Bologna, Cesena, of the following subjects: a) information technology, five-years degree and then three-years Degree of the Course of Food Science and Technology (FST), AYs 1998/99 – 2006/07, b) information elaboration systems, FST specialistic Degree, AYs 2002/03; c) food plants and machineries, statistics and data elaboration (since AY 2014/15), refrigeration systems, control and safety of the food plants (since AY 2003/04), specialistic or 2nd level Degree.

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