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Ivana Bolognesi

Associate Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/01 Pedagogy, Theories of Education and Social Education

Curriculum vitae

Associate Professor of Social Pedagogy

Department of Education "Giovanni Maria Bertin".
University of Bologna 



1992  Degree in Pedagogy at the Science of Education Faculty  - University of Bologna – with full marks, distinction (110 out of 100, lode). Thesis in The Intercultural Pedagogy, title: “Presenza, identità, cultura dell'infanzia immigrata” – “Presence, identity and culture of immigrated childhood”. Tutor Prof. Antonio Genovese.

2000-04  PhD in Intercultural Pedagogy, Tutor Prof. Antonio Genovese, at the Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna . Title of thesis: “Io, in questa scuola, mi sono sempre sentita diversa”  - “At this  school I always felt different”.

2004   Visiting scholar at the Laboratory of Sociology (Lames) and at the University Institute of Teacher Training, University of Provence (France).

2006-2008  Research subvension at the Science of Education Department “G. M Bertin”, University of Bologna.

Professional  involvement

I realised more professional experiences in the following context:                              

Educator of handicapped children and handicapped adults; Educator with gipsy comunities; Pedagogist, responsable of educational and school services; Teacher of Kindergarden and primary school.


Academic and didactic employment

*2004-2008 Teaching contract as director of intercultural laboratories at the Faculty of Science of Education

*2006-2007 Teaching tutor of Intercultural Pedagogy which includes assistance during exams for students, direction of seminars and lessons, co-tutoring of degree thesis etc.

*2006-2007 Professor at the Special University Course to qualify as a teacher in elementary and Kindergarden schools and secondary schools,  Educational Science Faculty, Bologna.

*2006-2007 Teaching tutor of Seminar of Intercultural Education 

*2007-2008 Teaching tutor of Intercultural Pedagogy

*2008-2022 Professor of Intercultural Pedagogy at the Educational Science Faculty, Bologna.


Research Centres

*2013- Member of the Scientific Board of CREIF (Centre for Educational Research on Children and Families) of the Department of Educational Sciences -University of Bologna.

*2013- Member of the Scientific Board of CRESPI (Centre for Educational Research on Teacher Professionalism) of the Department of Education Sciences - University of Bologna.

*2015-2021 Member of the SIPED Interculture Group.

*2022- Member of International Center “Bilingualism Metters”.


Institutional assignments

*2021/ Director of the Master "Management and organization of educational institutions in multicultural contexts", University of Bologna

*2017-18 Director of the Master "Management and organization of educational institutions in multicultural contexts", University of Bologna


Editorial bord

*from 2004  Member of the editing commitee of Intercultural Education Review.

*from 2015 Member of the Scientific Committee  of la Melgrana, Franco Angeli.

*2018-19 Collaboration with the journal "Scuola dell'infanzia" of the Giunti Editor for the Intercultural Education section.



*2016 - Italian Prize of Pedagogy, Siped


Didactic employment outside the University

*1994-2022 Formation course in the field of Intercultural Education, as professor and spokeswoman at conferences and seminars that have been involved nursery educators, kindergarden teachers and primary school teachers in differents districts of the Emilia Romagna and of other italian regions.

*2011-2012 Collaboration with Istituto degli innocenti (Firenze)


National and international conferences (selection)

*2006-2023 Participation in the national and international conferences for the presentation of educational research in a multicultural context (selection):

*2023 Racism explained: can it be read without stereotyping?, Riesco Center-Municipality of Bologna, May 10, 2023.

*2022 I. Bolognesi, R. Dainese, FOR AN INCLUSIVE MEETING. Disabilities and families in the multicultural school, Centro Riesco - Municipality of Bologna, December 6, 2022.


I. Bolognesi, C. Dalle Donne Vandini, Explaining homework as a parental activity, University of Bologna, 20 April 2021


Pédagogie interculturelle en Italie. Approche théorique et recherche en éducation dans les écoles, Journée recherche de l’Equipe “Contextes pluriculturels : questions, enjeux, défis en éducation familiale?”, Université Paris Nanterre, 17 gennaio 2020


Skin colours and gender differences in illustrated books, Training seminar for teachers and operators, Centro Riesco- Comune di Bologna, Bologna 18 November 2019


I. Bolognesi, G. Guerzoni, Entering school: some research data on the Bologna context, Seminar "Doing school in a multicultural society. Schools with a high presence of pupils with non-Italian citizenship", University of Bologna, 19 May 2018


School success of children with migrant back- grounds, Conference IAIE -International Association for Intercultural Education, Angers (France), 13-16 june 2017

Multicultural schools: places of encounter and dialogue for building a culture of participation, Conference "Building intercultural communities: challenges in social, educational and health contexts", Genova, 27 April 2017

Second-generation adolescents and the school. Education and integration processes, International study seminar "Interculture and the role of educational institutions for human growth. From the compensatory model to the inclusive school", University of Florence, 24 May 2017


Inclusion starts with the little ones, National Conference of Intercultural Centres, Piacenza, 21-23 October 2016

Somatic and cultural differences in picture books: teachers' practices and reflections in kindergartens, Conference "Melaninic, somatic and gender differences: which representations in picture books? University of Bologna, 10 November 2016


EMPAC journey in Bologna, Transnational Conference “Engaging children and migrant parents in Schools/Children Centres, Ealing-London, 5 marzo 2015

I.Bolognesi, A. Pileri, Engaging children and migrant parents in the learning process at school: coeducative approch European research project EMPAC, Convegno internazionale AIFREF, Bilbao (Spagna), 10-11-12 giugno 2015

I.Bolognesi, A, Pileri, Diversité de couleur de peau dans l’école maternelle: quelles représentation?, Biennale Internationale de l’Education de la Formation et des Pratiques professionnelles qui s’est déroulée, Parigi, 30 giugno - 3 luglio 2015


Research projects

*1990-1991 Research to experiment an intercultural project at the Kindergarden school of the City of Bologna with the collaboration of the Science of Education Departement, University of Bologna

*1991-1993 Research to experiment an intercultural Project at the primary school (Quarto Inferiore – Bologna) coordinated by the Science of Education Departement

*1992-1993 Observation Research that implicated a group of forgeign chidren at the Kindergarden school of the city of Bologna with the collaboration of the Science of Education Departement, University of Bologna.

*2002-2004 Observation Research that implicated a group of foreign children of the primary school. Tutor Prof. Antonio Genovese.

*2004-2005 Science of Education Department Research that focused on : “The educational care at the early childhood services in multicultural contexts” directed by Prof. Maria Grazia Contini e Prof. Milena Manini.

*2006-2009 Department Research "Infanzie e famiglie come snodi di possibilità e criticità socio-educative" directed by prof. Mariagrazie Contini

*2009-2010 Project studies and research on students with disabilities, children of immigrants, in collaboration with the Education and Policies of differences of the Municipality of Bologna, directed by prof. Roberta Cardin

*2012-2013 Action research conducted in kindergartens of the district Navile, within the agreement between Department of Training and the Comune di Bologna

*2013-2015 Action research conducted in kindergartens and primary school in Comune di Bologna within the European project EMPAC (Engaing Migrant Parents and children).

*2015-2016 Action research conducted in some primary schools of Bologna (IC 4 and IC15) about the co-education betwen teachers and partens in Comprensive Sc

*2015-2016 Research to analyze the somatic representations of the difference in the books for children in some kindegartens of Bologna and of the region Emilia Romagna.

*2015-2017 Action research conducted in some kindergartens and primary school of Treviso within in project RICE coordinated by Jan Pierre Pourtois.

*2016-17 Action research with the kindergartens (FISM) of Bologna and the province focusing on the theme of parental participation in the school.

*2017-2020 Action-research of european project  Justice: RISE Towards best practices on inclusive education of Roma Children, coordinated by dott.ssa MariaTeresa Tagliaventi of the Dipartiment of Science of Education, University of Bologna.

*2015-2018 Coordinator of Erasmus+ Programme with Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK).

*2018-2020 Research “La classe plurilingue. Ricerca sulla complessità linguistica per una didattica inclusiva - The multilingual classroom. Research on linguistic complexity for inclusive education”, coordinated by prof. Chiara Giannollo, Department of Classical and Italian Philology - University di Bologna

*2021- European project Merging “Housing for immigrants and community integration in Europe and beyond: Strategies, policies, dwellings, and governance”, coordinated by prof. Morena Cuconato, Department of Science of Education, University of Bologna.

*2021 Project "Feel" English, and other languages, in the age group 0-3-6 years, carried out in collaboration with the Emilia Romagna region, coordinated by Prof. Licia Masoni, Department of Education Sciences -University of Bologna.

*2022- European project TracerTrasformative Roma Art and Culture for European Remembrance”, coordinated by prof. MariaTeresa Tagliaventi, Department of Science of Education, University of Bologna.



*2018- Member of the Research Commission of the Department of Education Sciences.

*2018- Referent of the OFA Commission of Primary Education Sciences.

*2018- Member of the Teaching Board of the PhD in Educational Sciences.

*2017- Coordinator of the group of the disciplinary area of Pedagogists.

*2015-2018 Co-Coordinator of the Commission for Apprenticeships in Primary Education.

*2015-2020 Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator of the agreement with Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK)