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Ivana Bolognesi

Associate Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/01 Pedagogy, Theories of Education and Social Education

Short Bio

Associate Professor of the Department of Educational Sciences of University of Bologna, she’s particulary dedicated to the themes related to the inclusion of children of foreign origin and their families in the educational services and in the primary schools. She works with particolary attention to the followings fields of research: comparison between family cultures and educational cultures; processes of integration in multicultural schools, conflicts and prejudices among adults (teachers and parents), welcome and intercultural project; processes of integration of roma children and young people. She is involved in national and international research projects and collaborates with colleagues of some european Universities.

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+39 051 20 9 1467

Dipartimento di Scienze Dell'Educazione "Giovanni Maria Bertin"
Via Filippo Re 6, Bologna - Go to map

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Office hours


Monday   17 ore 15 (in studio/su Team)

Monday  24 ore 15 (in studio/su Team)


Monday 5 10-11

Friday  16 10-11

Wednesady 21 10-11

Monday   26 15.30-16.30 (studio, via Filippo re 6)

June 2022

Wednesday 8  3-4 pm

Tuesday 10 10-11 am

Wednesday 29 11-12 am

May 2022

Monday 2  4-5 pm

Tuesday 10 10-11 am

Monday 23  3-4 pm

April 2022

Tuesday 5  3-4 pm

Tuesday 12 3-4 pm

Friday 29 10-11  am

March 2022

Monday 7 5-6 pm

Tuesday 15   3-4 pm

Tuesday 29 11-12 am


Wednesday 2   10-11   am
Thursday   10   4-5  pm

Thursday    17   10-11 am

Thursday    24   10-11 am

Friday 21 11-12 am




Student reception

 In the remaining days of February  the teacher is engaged in oral and written lessons and exams. Students who have specific thesis needs  can request an appointment by writing an email.


Students are required to write an email to agree on the reception methods (day and time)
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