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Giovanni Sartor

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Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/20 Philosophy of Law


Instructions for Winter session exams A.A. 2021-2022

Notice for the following exams: Informatica Giuridica (D-L); Informatica Giuridica (M-Q).

The exam, consisting of a written test and an oral test, both compulsory, will take place as follows:

1) Written test: consists of a test of 20 multiple-choice quizzes on the entire programme. The test takes place on the EOL platform - Online Exams with the support of the Zoom application for surveillance. The duration of the test is 20 minutes. Results will be published within 1-2 days.

2) Oral test: students who have acquired at least a sufficiency in the written test (18/30) can take the oral test. The test takes place with the support of the Microsoft Teams application.




The written test takes place with the help of the online platforms EOL and Zoom, according to the modalities suggested by the competent University Offices.

Please read carefully the instructions on the link: in the section "How to take a written exam online via Zoom" and the following indications:


Before the exam

1. You need a computer to take the test (no tablet, no smartphone).

2. Download the Zoom app and log in with your University credentials. Pay attention to login: click on "Sign in with SSO" and enter the domain "unibo" at the next step.

3. Test the functioning of webcam and microphone on the Zoom platform.

4. Make sure that the permissions are set correctly on your computer so that you can share the screen on Zoom.

5. Log in to EOL ( and check that you can see the exam you are subscribed to, and the link to take the test, You will only have access to the test through a password that we will give you the same day of the exam.


The day of the test

1. Go to EOL (Online Exams), click on “Appelli di Giovanni Sartor” and then select the test you are enrolled in (pay attention to the date and the Course!).

2. Click on "Zoom Meeting", turn on your webcam and prepare your badge or ID. The system will put you on hold.

3. At the beginning of the exam, students will be admitted to the classroom one by one after the ID check: the wait can be long. Maximum punctuality is recommended. Students will not be admitted after the start of the test.

4. When all students are admitted, we will give the necessary instructions to take the test and the password to start.

5. Without closing / leaving the Zoom room, go to the EOL test and start the test.

6. During the test, it is mandatory to keep the microphone and webcam on, and it is prohibited to talk in order not to disturb your colleagues. 

7. When the test is over, notify so via chat and leave the zoom meeting promptly.


Problems during the test

For any problem you can notify the Professor or his collaborators by e-mail.
The following behaviours lead to the cancellation of the test:

- interruption or suspension of screen sharing;

- switching off the webcam;

- prolonged disconnection;

- copying attempts (use of other devices, consultation of online or paper resources, communication with others, ...).

In case of cancellation the student will have to register for another appeal or, in case of a mere technical problem to be assessed on a case by case basis, take the test in oral form.


The test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. Mistakes do not decrease the score. The total time is 20 minutes.

Once the time has elapsed, the test is automatically handed over even if it is not complete.

The result of the test will be visible within 1-2 days, directly on the Useful Contents webpage.




The oral test (mandatory) takes place on Microsoft Teams. You can access the virtual classroom on Microsoft Teams from the automatic e-mail that is sent to your institutional account after the closing of your registration.

Published on: May 18 2020