Foto del docente

Giovanni Sartor

Full Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/20 Philosophy of Law


My main research interests pertain to legal logic and artificial intelligence and law.  Moreover, I have been working on various subjects pertaining to computing (in particular logic programming and argumentation), legal theory (the concept of law, legal validity), and computer law (data protection, intellectual property. liability regimes and automation)

-Research interests 

• Legal philosophy, legal theory 

• Logic and argumentation 

• Legal informatics 

• Legal, ethical and political aspects of information and communication technologies 

• Artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, automatic reasoning, agents and multiagent systems 

• Legislation (theories and techniques) 

• Liability and automation

-Current research projects 

• ALIAS Addressing Liability Impact of Automated Systems (Law and automation in socio-technical systems, in particular liability issues in air traffic management)

• ONE-LEX - Ontologies for european laws in executable format (legal ontologies, legal concepts, standards for representing legal texts and legal knowledge)

• Models of legal rationality (rationality and reasonabless in legal problem-solving, logical models of legal arguments, dialogues, concepts and systems) 

• A cognitive approach to the law (an integrated model of legal reasoning, based upon the idea of cognition) 

• Game theory and the law (game-theoretical analysis of legally relevant interactions) 

• Sharing knowledge in the information society (the interaction between the discipline of intellectual property and the production and communication of knowledge) 

• Digital agents and electronic societies (legal regulation of autonomous agents, norm-based governance of agents' societies) 

• Legislation techniques and legislative informatics (methods for legislative drafting, management of legislative documents, legislative information systems)

• The protection of trust in the information society (the idea of trust, its interactions with legal reglations, its protection and promotion in the digital word)