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Gian Luca Marzocchi

Full Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/08 Management


Keywords: Affective Forecasting Error Self service technologies Retailing Brand community Intertemporal choice Consumer behavior Construal Level Theory

His research specialties include consumer behavior, service quality and satisfaction modeling, waiting perception and management in service settings, inter-temporal choice (with special emphasis on the impact of levels of construals of a future event on consumer decision processes), and the analysis of the interplay between brand loyalty and community identification in brand communities. He has published extensively in marketing and management scholarly outlets. His articles have recently appeared in leading journals such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Psychology and Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Service Industry Management, Service Industries Journal, Advances in Service Marketing and Management, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Operational Research Society, Journal of Management and Governance, among others.

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