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Gabriella Elina Imposti

Full Professor

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-LIN/21 Slavic Studies


Keywords: Language and Nation translation Russian Literature ballad Contemporary Russian women writers Russian Romanticism gender studies Russian avant-garde Velimir Chlebnikov Vladimir Majakovskij Russian literature and cinema


1.Russian contemporary literature from a gender studies perspective against the background of the end of the Soviet Union, the debate around the so-called "feminine prose", and in particular the work of L. Petrushevkaia, L. Ulitskaia and other more recent women prose writers.

2. The Russian Avantguarde compared to the Italian Futurism.

3. History of Russian Slavonic philology, in particular Aleksandr Vostokov.

4.Translations from English and German literature into Russian, in particular Zhukovskii's translations of the German ballad (Burger, Schiller, etc.) and Southey's early ballads and poems, as well as Thomas Moore's Oriental Tale Lalla Rookh. The impact of these translations on Russian Romantic Literature.

5. Translation and Self-translation, case studies.

6. The fantastic in Russian literature and in particular in Dostoevskij.

7. Lev Tolstoj (Yasnaya Polyana meetings of Russian writers)

8. Fedor Dostoevskij

9. Literature and cinema, Kira Muratova, Tarkovskij, Bresson, etc.

10 Andrzej Wajda and Polish history.