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Gabriella Elina Imposti

Full Professor

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-LIN/21 Slavic Studies

Curriculum vitae

Born : Bologna 30/11/57 .

Present Employment: Full Professor in Slavic Studies at Bologna University, School of Foreign Languages and Foreign Literatures, Translation and Interpretation, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, via Cartoleria 5, Bologna , tel. 051/217153; fax 051/264722.

Education and career:

March 1980: graduated at the University of Bologna with a degree (First Class Honours) in Foreign Languages and Literature (thesis entitled "The Linguistic Theories and Praxis of Velemir Chlebnikov").

1989 awarded PhD. in Slavic Studies with a thesis entitled "A. Ch. Vostokov as a Poet and a Scholar of Versification" at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

1992 appointed Junior Lecturer in Slavic Studies at Bologna University, Faculty of Magistero (later Faculty of Foreign Languages and Foreign Literatures). Activity included holding seminars on various topics related to Russian language and literature including: the aspectual system of Russian verbs; verbs of motion; introduction to the history of ancient Russian literature from the beginnings to the 18th century; introduction to Russian versification; appreciation of modern literary texts.

Since 1995 taught courses in Russian Language and Linguistics.

December 2004 Associate Professor in Slavic Studies (Russian Literature) at Bologna University, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures,

1 February 2016 Full Professor in Russian Literature, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and Cultures, via Cartoleria 5, Bologna, tel. 051/217153; fax 051/264722.

Other roles:

2008-2015 President of the Course of Studies in Foreign Languages and Foreign Literatures in the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Foreign Literatures (now School of Languages, Literatures, Translation and Interpretation).

2017-2020 Coordinator of the local unit of the PRIN 2015 project "(De)costruction of myth in women’s writing in contemporary Russia and Poland. A comparative study" Project headed by University of Salento (prof. Gloria Polito).

Since April 2017 Coordinator of the PhD course in "Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures" Department LILEC, Bologna University.

Coordinates Erasmus exchanges with Essex University, Jagellonian Univeristy, and the Universities of Vilnius, Krosno and Tartu.

Editorial secretary of the journal La questione romantica.

Member of the editorial board of the journals: Studi Slavistici, Victoriographies, Arti dello Spettacolo / Performing Arts

Co-editor of the forthcoming 2019 issue of Futurism Studies Yearbook on Russian Futurism.

“Erasmus” visiting professor at the Jagellonian University (Poland), Tromsø, Norway; Visiting professor at Australian National University in Canberra (Australia); University of Western Australia di Perth; University of Novosibirsk (Russian Federation).

Main research themes:

1. Contemporary Russian Women Writers and gender studies in Russia.

2. Russian and Italian Avant-garde, in particular Marinetti, Kamenskii and Khlebnikov.

3. History of Russian slavistics and in particular Aleksander Vostokov.

4. Russian translations from English (Thomas Moore, Southey) and German literature (Burger, Schiller, Goethe) during the Romantic Age.

5. Translation studies.

6. The fantastic in Russian literature, in particular the Doppelgänger.

7. L.N. Tolstoy.

8. F.M. Dostoevskii.

8. Literature and cinema: Robert Bresson, Kira Muratova, Andrej Tarkovskii.

9. Andrzej Wajda and Polish history.

See Italian CV for the list of Conferences.