Foto del docente

Federico Manuel Giorgi

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/18 Genetics


Usadel, Björn; Obayashi, Takeshi; Mutwil, Marek; Giorgi, Federico M.; Bassel, George W.; Tanimoto, Mimi; Chow, Amanda; Steinhauser, Dirk; Persson, Staffan; Provart, Nicholas J.*, Co-expression tools for plant biology: Opportunities for hypothesis generation and caveats, «PLANT, CELL AND ENVIRONMENT», 2009, 32, pp. 1633 - 1651 [Scientific article]

Mutwil, Marek; Ruprecht, Colin; Giorgi, Federico M.; Bringmann, Martin; Usadel, Björn; Persson, Staffan*, Transcriptional wiring of cell wall-related genes in Arabidopsis, «MOLECULAR PLANT», 2009, 2, pp. 1015 - 1024 [Scientific article]

Rambaldi, Davide*; Giorgi, Federico M.; Capuani, Fabrizio; Ciliberto, Andrea; Ciccarelli, Francesca D., Low duplicability and network fragility of cancer genes, «TRENDS IN GENETICS», 2008, 24, pp. 427 - 430 [Scientific article]