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Fabrizio Lollini

Associate Professor

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: L-ART/01 History of Medieval Art


Keywords: pilgrimages and commercial routes Byzantine iconography food and art iconography of assistence illuminated manuscripts Bologna

Among the current researches, I can mention:

1 - patterns of production of the illumination market: models, notes for the illuminators, and other problems of working logistic

2 - within an informal cooperation with Romanian cultural institutions, the study of iconographic prototypes of Eastern Byzantine origins and their diffusion in Western Europe; study of the relationships between east and west in a broader sense

3 - the study of the subjects and iconographies connected with the concept of "assistence" in the illuminated manuscripts commissioned by social help organizations

4 - the relations between visual arts and history of nourishment, in association with the International Master in History and Culture of Nourishment (Univesity of Bologna), where I teach; study of the relationships between food and culture in a broader sense

5 - 'Romanico'/'Romanici'

6 - the "invention" and the "discovery" of Middle Age: how Medieval art has been judged, understood (or misunderstood) and appreciated in the different historical periods, including contemporary "medievalism", with its commemorations and valuations, also in relationship with the artistic expressions which took place during the period of Western Middle Age out of Europe

7 - pilgrimage and commercial routes in Middle Age; movements of men and goods