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Elena Malaguti

Full Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/03 Methodologies of Teaching and Special Education


Keywords: Inclusive education - ICF - ICF-CY Disability and trauma School - Family Vulnerability - Resilience School - Family and parent training Social inclusion ICF - ICF-CY Inclusive education Ecological Social and Human Approach on Dusability Human Rights Infancy and early childhood education

Main Research Projects

Since 2015: Erasmus Plus OMO AIPD – Inclusive education, Work and Intellectual Disabilities

- People with Down syndrome at work –

2013: International programme on Social and School Inclusive Education in Kosovo: Department of Educational Science “G.M. Bertin”- University of Bologna and  Save the Children International Association  –.

.2012- 2013: Leader of the Research Project: Resilience, Assisted Resilience and Social inclusion: the role of school  and after school time educational services

2011 – 2012 Children living outside the family: models for taking charge and resilient perspectives
A study in the Italian context
to promote resilience process and social inclusion - Bologna University and San Giuseppe Foundation Rimini

2011 - 2012 Early childhood education, gender and care, research on pre-school services in Emilia Romagna

2007 – 2008: Member of European Daphne II project “An investigation into forms of peer-peer bullying at school in pre-adolescent and adolescent groups: new instruments and preventing strategies”. Qualitative and quantities research in Italy, England, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina, Sweden 2003 – 2004: Maem Master – Cooperation Box Office – University of Bologna -

2001 Asia – URBS European Project .

2002 Eating disorder research” Special pedagogy chair, S.Orsola Policlynic (University of Bologna)

2001 "Colibrì" Project – Microsoft Society – Department of Science of Education  - S. Orsola Polyclinic (University of Bologna) - S. Gerardo Hospital, Monza - Besta Neurologist Hospital, Milan - De Marchi Hospital, Milan. Research project into the relation between health, learning and knowing.

1998 - 2001: "HIV doesn’t go to school" Local Health Company, Bologna - University of Bologna - Social Psychology Chair - L.I.L:A.: "Survey on behaviour among the vulnerable young without schooling

  • The research field I have been working on in recent years involves studying situations of vulnerability in relation to the presence of traumas and illnesses (traumas and wars/conflicts - HIV- adults and children - paediatric oncology - eating disorders -)

  • This research involves constructing assistance systems based on a perspective of integration for the preparation of services for vulnerable groups and the definition of rehabilitation programs.

  • The research field work follows an action research-based approach, is applied to war contexts and proposes to construct co-operation programs between people and to develop a sense of belonging to one's territory and community, focusing its attention not only on the problems but also on the strategies for improving the resources and skills of both individuals and groups.

  • My current research is focused on resilience processes and the possible indicators of reconstruction after a trauma or an illness.