Foto del docente

Davide Moro

Full Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/08 Fluid Machinery

Curriculum vitae

Full Professor at the University of Bologna since 2001, he carries out his research in the field of experimentation, simulation and control of internal combustion engines.

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1988 at the Faculty of Engineering of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna.

Academic career
He became university researcher in the scientific disciplinary sector ING-IND / 08 Fluid Machines from March 1990 to 1998, then associate professor until September 2001 and then full professor of the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna.

Teaching activity
Since 1996 he has been continuously teaching as owner of various courses for the degree courses in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering of the University of Bologna:
"Energy Systems" for the three-year degree in Mechanical Engineering on the Forlì campus;
"Internal combustion engines" for the master's degree on the Forlì campus;
“Macchine T” for the three-year degree in Mechanical Engineering on the Bologna campus;
"Propulsion laboratory" for the three-year degree in Aerospace Engineering on the Forlì Campus.

Scientific activity
The research activity, started in 1990, was divided into the following topics:
- Experimental analysis of flow in ducts;
- Development of simulation codes for the evaluation of the performance of gas turbines with different architecture, combined cycles and cogeneration plants;
- Internal combustion engines:
- Reconstruction of the pressure in the combustion chamber with non-intrusive instrumentation for diagnostic purposes;
- Modeling of internal combustion engines for detecting faults in sensors and actuators;
- Detection of misfires in high performance engines;
- Evaluation of the functional parameters in Formula 1 engines by analyzing the acoustic emission;
- Development of algorithms and functions for the optimization of engine control;

He has been and is involved in numerous research contracts with industrial partners such as Magneti Marelli, Alfa Romeo Racing, Lamborghini Automobili, Ducati, Ferrari (both sports and industrial divisions) on issues related to the modeling, control and diagnostics of internal combustion engines.

He is the inventor of two patents.

Institutional activities and academic assignments
Since November 2018 he has been President of the Engineering School of the University of Bologna.

He is member of the Board of the Italian Association of Fluid Machines and Systems for Energy and the Environment (AIMSEA) since January 2018.

He is member of the Board of the Conference for the Engineering (CopI) since November 2018.

He was responsible for the operational unit of the Forlì Campus headquarters for the Department of Industrial Engineering from 2012 to 2018.

Other activities
In 2002 he founded the spin-off Alma Automotive with three other colleagues, of which he was President until October 2018.