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Cristina Brasili

Associate Professor

Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati"

Academic discipline: SECS-P/02 Economic Policy


Keywords: UE Cohesion Policy Regional Economics Istitutional Quality Economic Growth Agri-food Economy

1. Economic analysis and processing of statistical data in the agri-food sector from local to European level.

Focus on: agri-food districts, budget and efficiency analysis of food firms.

Economic analysis of structural features of the Agriculture in China.

2. Participation to different national and international projects on elements of the agri-food system.

Focus on: agri-food systems in European regions and countries and analysis and evaluation of policies for the agri-food sector.

3. Economic convergence analysis in the European regions by means of parametric and nonparametric methods.

4. Local and regional development in the European Union.

5. Analysis of public support programme of the European Union in the less developed regions

1. The economic analysis and statistical data evaluation in the agri-food sector from local to European level aim to highlight the similar aspects in the agri-food systems and their components: from agriculture, through industry and consumption, to import and export. We identified the areas of highest concentration and specialization in the agri-food sectors by means of structural data on employment and number of local units at municipal level. Using special indices we determinated the agri-food districts in which we could perform a economic analysis of enterprises and verify the district effect on the basis of economic budget data. We extensively analyzed the Chinese agriculture structural data coming from the first national census. We applied statistical technique of multivariate analysis to identify homogeneous agricultural areas at local at province and county level. The result was the definition of a new "agricultural geography" in China.

2. The participation to national and international projects has led to analyze the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on agricultural incomes and uses of agricultural soils. For this study we applied analyzing methods of convergence. By means of regional data of EU and each single state of U.S.A. we start a research project on agricultural incomes under the different policy in the agri-food sector.

3. The analysis of the economic convergence in the different EU regions has been done using the nonparametric method "stochastic kernel" with a special focus on the GDP per person in the European regions. This kind of research aims to highlight the impact of the structural policies in the different programming periods of the income convergence. We also intend to evaluate the "costs" following the EU enlargement to 27 countries.

4. Recently we start a research strand focusing on the regional development. This study aims to determinate the economic cycle of the Italian regions identifying the expansion and recession phases by means of the synthetic index 5 I. The pubblic supports and the evaluation of the impact of the EU structural policies in the regions less developed focuses on the Southern Italian regions which have the benefit of the funds provided by the Object 1. The goal is to evaluate the outgoing capacity of these regions.

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