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Carlo Tomasetto

Associate Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/04 Developmental and Educational Psychology

Director of First Cycle Degree in Psychological sciences and techniques


Keywords: gender development gender stereotypes sexual objectification obesity stigma math learning math anxiety

  • Social development and cognition
    • becoming aware of gender stereotypes during infancy
    • the negative consequences of stereotypes on cognitive performance in school age (stereotype threat)
    • Weight bias and cognitive functioning from middle childhood to adulthood
    • Home practices and early development of numeracy

In my research I seek to understand the interplay between social development and cognition. My main research interest, at present, deals with how and when children become vulnerable to the negative stereotypes associated to their social groups (stereotype threat). In particular, we focus on the socialization processes and the cognitive factors that trigger girls' vulnerability to the negative effects of gender stereotypes about math from as early as 5-to-6 years of age.

In parallel I carry out experimental studies (in the laboratory and in the classroom) to investigate the impact of weight bias and weight-related stigma experiences on cognitive functioning in individuals with obesity.