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Anna Pileri

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/03 Methodologies of Teaching and Special Education


Keywords: Disability and migration, specialized teacher, inclusion, coeducation, communicative musicality, video-microanalysis.

  • Inclusive education and school systems: pedagogical models and intentional policies.
  • Paradigms and tools of co-education and active citizenship (RICE Project, Prof. Jean Pierre Pourtois).
  • Infant research and video-microanalysis in 0-6 services, in primary and secondary schools, in families and in social and health contexts.
  • Knowledge, practices, special and intercultural paradigms in educational and school services.
  • Representations of disability, stereotypes, prejudices and forms of discrimination at the nursery school.
  • Disability and migration: interweaving and variables of inclusion.
  • Models of participation in school life of families of children and adolescents with special educational needs and disabilities.
  • Study of the variables of inclusion or exclusion in the interactions between children and adults, with particular reference to situations of disability, migration and psycho-social fragility.
  • Green empowerment and inclusive gardening in hospital and socio-educational contexts.

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