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Anna Badiani

Associate Professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/19 Animal Science


RESEARCH THEME "PREPARING A SENSORY PANEL ABLE TO OPERATE ON FINFISH AND SHELLFISH" - A requirement that has now matured at the Cesenatico study course is to prepare (and keep active) a group of sensory assessors selected and trained, in order to outline the sensory portrait of a large number of finfish and shellfish. This initiative will start with the 2020/2021 academic year and most probably will be a fairly demanding, if not titanic, undertaking. The panel will be designed, and consequently constructed, through the administration of a battery of normosensitivity tests to a rather large group of people interested in the topic. Under peri-COVID conditions, it will be appropriate to rely on volunteers identified within the context of teachers and researchers, as well as technical personnel. Only when the COVID alarm is extinct will it be possible to think of involving motivated and interested students and doctoral students.

RESEARCH THEME "RABBIT, RABBIT, RABBIT" This activity, still "alive and kicking" as to the publication of reaserch results, consists in giving expert advice and support to a competitive project put forward by several researchers from the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences, which is titled "Shelf-life estimation of rabbit meat from animals fed diets enriched with antioxidants". The head of the project, which started during Spring 2013, was (and still is) Dr. Sabrina Albonetti. The support given to this project, apart "paper tayloring", has been in the field of carcass characterization for each of the five thesis, together with the definition of the main nutritional, functional and sensory traits of the meat.

RESEARCH THEME "OCTOPUSSY" This research activity, the results of which are still to be published, was prompted by the industrial world (the food industry, to be precise). There was a necessity to ascertain if and to what extent the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) could be distinguishable from similar species as to its nutrient contents and sensory traits. This research, the like of which, to our knowledge, has never been carried out before, required the determination of several macro- and micro-nutrients. At the same time, the sensory discrimination amongst those octopus species was verified through the sensory response (triangle test) of a good deal of normosensitive young people, all students from the Catering School in Cesenatico.

RESEARCH THEME "COMPARING REDDIES" - The very same agro-industrial firm urged us to ascertain if and to what extent striped red mullet (Mullus surmuletus) could be told apart from West African goatfish (Pseudupeneus prayensis), as to morphometry, nutritional characteristics and sensory traits. These activities are waiting to be published.

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