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Anna Badiani

Associate Professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/19 Animal Science

Curriculum vitae

A researcher at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (University of Bologna) since 1991, Anna Badiani (graduated in Agricultural Science) became an Associate professor in 1998, within the same Faculty, selecting “Quality evaluation of animal foods” as her own subject. She currently conducts her research and teaching activity at the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences. She gives her lectures within the 1st level degree course in Aquaculture and seafood hygiene, the 2nd level degree course in Safety and quality of animal foods, and two Specialisation schools at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Anna Badiani is part of the Board of teachers of the research doctorate in “Feed and Food Science” at the University of Bologna.

Her research activities, which until now have been funded mainly by the University of Bologna, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, and the Italian National Research Council, recently expanded their scope to involve the industrial world, although on a rather small scale.

After some research dedicated to carcass quality evaluation both of pigs and horses, Prof. Badiani's interests centred around nutritional, functional and sensory properties of muscle foods both from terrestrial and aquatic animals. Special attention was devoted to studying the compositional changes produced in muscle foods by cooking, in terms of both speeding up of lipid oxidation, and variations induced in true and apparent retention of macro- and micro-nutrients (protein, lipids, fatty acids, cholesterol, macro- and microelements, water-soluble vitamins, and purine bases). Research into the macro- and micronutrient components of finfish and shellfish are underway to combine these data in such a way so as to "predict" the origin (senso latu) of any given specimen. Further Prof. Badiani is currently engaged in studying the evolution of Freshness Quality in several seafood species through sensory and chemico-physical methods. QDA (Quantitative Descriptive Analysis) is the name of the technique she implemented in order to outline the sensory profile of several foods, mainly seafoods. The scientific production she has generated so far amounts to 131 works, 76 of which are full-length papers.

Anna Badiani is an active member of the West European Fish Technologists Association (WEFTA) and of the Italian Society of Sensory Science (SISS). She has been recruited to act as a peer reviewer by journals of the "Food and Science Technology" Area, such as: Journal of Food Composition and Analysis; Journal of Food Engineering; Italian Journal of Animal Science; Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture; Meat Science; Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology; Aquaculture Research.


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