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Alessandro Zironi

Full Professor

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-FIL-LET/15 Germanic Philology


Keywords: Gothic Language and Literature Codicology Medievalism Middle High German Germanic Philology Lombard Culture Rewriting Runica manuscripta Onomastics

For previous research topics see “Temi estesi”


Lombard legacy in Trebbia valley and in the monastery of Bobbio: linguistic and palaeographic evidences (part of the European Research Project: Making Europe: Columbanus and his Legacy / Aux origines de la construction de l'Europe: Columban et son heritage / Costruire l'Europa: Colombano e la sua eredità


Alphabetical series in Western Manuscripts of the Early Middle Ages. The research intends to explores why alphabetical series (among them some Runic alphabets) were copied in more complex codices. A codiciological analysis should give some possible solutions


Rewriting of medieval germanic past in modern and contemporary age. The research is focused on the rewriting (also intersemiotic) of Nibelungenlied in Kaiser  Wilhlem II age and in the Post War. Particular attention is devoted to the dramatic works by Moritz Rinke.