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William Grandi

Associate Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/02 History of Pedagogy and Education


Keywords: Literary 'genres' for children Pedagogy and Storytelling Myth and childhood History of Children's Science Storytelling Connections between History of Education and Children's Literature

Research interests

  • Educational Professionalism and Pedagogy of Storytelling.
  • The narrative genre for children (mystery, fantasy, horror, adventure, science fiction, etc.).
  • The relationship among narratives for children, science, technology, and ecology.
  • Myth and childhood.
  • Publishing, graphics, and illustrations for children.
  • Fairies, sprites and elves as an opportunity for narrative, historical traces, signs of imagination, and pedagogical metaphors.
  • Educational theories, teaching ideas and publications for children arising between the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and their relations with the reflections of certain thinkers (Ellen Key, Rudolf Steiner,and Maria Montessori, Giovanni Gentile).Analysis of the influence exerted by these complex networks on the contemporary cultural context, with particular regard to pedagogy and children's literature.