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William Cavazza

Full Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: GEO/02 Stratigraphy and Sedimentology


Gusmeo Thomas; William Cavazza; Victor Alania; Onise Enukidze; Massimiliano Zattin; Sveva Corrado, Structural inversion of back-arc basins–The Neogene Adjara-Trialeti fold-and-thrust belt (SW Georgia) as a far-field effect of the Arabia-Eurasia collision, «TECTONOPHYSICS», 2021, 803, pp. 1 - 18 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cavazza W.; Albino I.; Galoyan G.; Zattin M.; Catto S., Continental accretion and incremental deformation in the thermochronologic evolution of the Lesser Caucasus, «GEOSCIENCE FRONTIERS», 2019, 10, pp. 2189 - 2202 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cattã², Silvia; Cavazza, William; Zattin, Massimiliano; Okay, Aral I., No significant Alpine tectonic overprint on the Cimmerian Strandja Massif (SE Bulgaria and NW Turkey), «INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGY REVIEW», 2018, 60, pp. 513 - 529 [Scientific article]

Cavazza, W., Gandolfi, G., Paganelli, L., Reconstructing the Alpine orogenic wedge and its foreland basin: the petrologic transition from Cretaceous passive-margin to Eocene foreland sedimentation in northern Corsica (France), in: Sedimentary Basins, and Provenance: A Celebration of William R. Dickinson’s Career, Boulder, Geologial Society of America, 2018, pp. 741 - 757 [Chapter or essay]

Cavazza, William; Cattò, Silvia; Zattin, Massimiliano; Okay, Aral I.; Reiners, Peter, Thermochronology of the Miocene Arabia-Eurasia collision zone of southeastern Turkey, «GEOSPHERE», 2018, 14, pp. 2277 - 2293 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cavazza, W.; Albino, I.; Zattin, M.; Galoyan, G.; Imamverdiyev, N.; Melkonyan, R., Thermochronometric evidence for Miocene tectonic reactivation of the Sevan-Akera suture zone (Lesser Caucasus): a far-field tectonic effect of the Arabia-Eurasia collision?, in: Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Black Sea and Caucasus, Londra, Geological Society of London, 2017, pp. 187 - 198 [Chapter or essay]

Di Vincenzo, G.; Grande, A.; Prosser, G.; Cavazza, W.; DeCelles, P.G., 40Ar–39Ar laser dating of ductile shear zones from central Corsica (France): evidence of Alpine (middle to late Eocene) syn-burial shearing in Variscan granitoids, «LITHOS», 2016, 262, pp. 369 - 383 [Scientific article]

Ingersoll, R.V.; Pratt, M.J.; Davis, P.M.; Caracciolo, L.; Day, P.P.; Hayne, P.O.; Petrizzo, D.A.; Gingrich, D.A.; Cavazza, W.; Critelli, S.; Diamond, D.S.; Coffey, K.T.; Stang, D.M.; Hoyt, J.F.; Reith, R.C.; Hendrix, E.D., Paleotectonics of a complex Miocene half graben formed above a detachment fault: The Diligencia basin, Orocopia Mountains, southern California, «LITHOSPHERE», 2014, 6, pp. 157 - 176 [Scientific article]

Cavazza, W.; Caracciolo, L.; Critelli, S.; D’Atri, A.; Zuffa, G.G., Petrostratigraphic evolution of the Thrace Basin (Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey) within the context of Eocene-Oligocene post-collisional evolution of the Vardar-İzmir-Ankara suture zone, «GEODINAMICA ACTA», 2013, 26, pp. 12 - 26 [Scientific article]

Cavazza W.; Federici I.; Okay A.I.; Zattin M., Apatite fission-track thermochronology of the Western Pontides (NW Turkey), «GEOLOGICAL MAGAZINE», 2012, 149, pp. 133 - 140 [Scientific article]

Pignalosa A.; Zattin M.; Massironi M.; Cavazza W., Thermochronological evidence for a Late Pliocene climate-induced erosion rate increase in the Alps, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES», 2011, 100, pp. 847 - 859 [Scientific article]

Okay A.I.; Zattin M.; Cavazza W.;, Apatite fission-track data for the Miocene Arabia-Eurasia collision, «GEOLOGY», 2010, 38, pp. 35 - 38 [Scientific article]

Cavazza W.; Barone M., Large-scale sedimentary recycling of tectonic mélange in a forearc setting: the Ionian basin (Oligocene-Quaternary; southern Italy), «GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN», 2010, 122, pp. 1932 - 1949 [Scientific article]

Cavazza W.; Okay A.I.; Zattin M., Rapid early-middle Miocene exhumation of the Kazdag metamophic core complex (Western Anatolia), «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES», 2009, 98, pp. 1935 - 1947 [Scientific article]

Okay A.I.; Satir M.; Zattin M.; Cavazza W.; Topuz G., An oligocene ductile strike-slip shear zone: The Uludag Massif, northwest Turkey - Implications for the westward translation of Anatolia, «GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN», 2008, 120, pp. 893 - 911 [Scientific article]

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