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Serena Baiesi

Associate Professor

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-LIN/10 English Literature

Curriculum vitae


Associate Professor of English Literature, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Bologna.


British Romantic literature (poetry, drama, the novel, and romance); Victorian literature; Eighteenth-century fiction; slavery and abolition in English history and literature; colonial literature; travel writing; gothic fiction; Australian literature (colonial and postcolonial).


University of Bologna (Italy), PhD in “Cultures and Literatures of English speaking countries,” 2004.

University of Bologna (Italy), BA in English Language and Literature, Minor: French language and literature, 1998.


University of Bologna (2006-2010): Research Fellowship in English Literature at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Research project: “The narrative poem from the Romantic to the Victorian period: genres permutations and gender interrelation”.

University of Bologna (2004-2006): Post-Doctoral Fellowship in English Literature at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Research project: “National, cultural and gender identity on the English stage: women playwrights between 1760 and 1830”.


2016: Teaching mobility exchange at Vassar College, NY (USA), Department of English.

2013: Visiting Scholar at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Department of English

2013: three-months fellowship from University of Bologna (Marco Polo) for research at UCLA, California (USA).

2011: one-month fellowship from the Chawton House Library and University of Southampton (UK).

2007: three months grant spent as research scholar at the Chawton House Library (UK).

2007: Visiting scholar at: University of Winchester, University of Exeter, and University of York.

2006: Scholarship for post-doctoral fellows from Brown University, Providence, (USA), Department of English. Visiting scholar at “The Humanities Centre”, Harvard University, Boston, USA.

2001-2002: One-year scholarship for PhD students spent at The Australian National University, Canberra (Australia), Faculty of Arts, School of Humanities.

2001-2002: Visiting PhD student at The Australian Academy of the Humanities, (Canberra); Australian Defence Force Academy(Canberra); Victoria University of Technology (Melbourne); University of Melbourne; Monash University (Melbourne);

2002: Visiting PhD student at University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth.

2000: Post-graduate students at University of Glasgow, Scotland, (UK).

1998: University of Bristol, Department of English: M.A. on Romanticism.



Co-editor of the Series "Romantic Studies. Theories and Practices" with Lilla Maria Crisafulli (Bern: Peter Lang).

Member of the Scientific Board of the intedisciplinary and international journal of Romantic Studies "La Questione Romantica" (Napoli: Liguori)

Member of Scientific Board of the PhD course in European Literature (DESE), University of Bologna.

October 2013 – October 2015: Member of the international program EDGES - Joint European PhD in Women's and Gender Studies.

Member of the Interuniversitary Centre for Romantic Studies (CISR), University of Bologna.

Member of the following associations: European Society for Studies in English (ESSE); European Association of Studies on Australia (EASA); Associazione Italiana di Studi di Anglistica (AIA); Associazione Italiana di Studi Canadesi (AISC); Associazione Italiana Studi Letterature in Inglese (AISLI).

Coordinator of the Erasmus student exchange program of the University of Bologna with the following universities: University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, University of Glasgow, University of Leicester, University of Middlesex, University of Swansea, University of York (UK), Université Paris VII (France), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece).


2016: European Network ERA (European Romanticisms in Association)

This Association is bringing together within a single network those with a shared interest in researching, presenting and promoting European literary romanticisms to the European public. It is proposed to involve scholars and public institutions (house-museums, libraries, archives, galleries and other literary heritage sites) to focus on the European dimensions of literary romanticisms and explore how romantic-period writers and their works move across national borders in ways that illuminate, investigate, and challenge romanticism’s installation of the idea of national literatures and cultures. It is envisaged as providing a basis for a series of events and other funded collaborations at European scale.

2016: International Research Network oon: “International Knowledge Transfer Networks: Britain and Italy, 1785-1825”  coordinated by Diego Saglia (Università di Parma) and Alan Rawes (University of Manchester).

2015-2019: European International Project Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme - Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN "GRACE". The aim of the GRACE – Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe project is to systematically investigate the cultural production of gender equalities within Europe ( The Consortium comprises 8 institutional partners: the University of Hull, University of Granada, University of Oviedo, University of Bologna, Associazione Orlando, University of Lödz, Central European University and Utrecht University. GRACE draws on innovative and interdisciplinary methodologies to investigate an under-examined aspect of those processes, namely the production of cultures of equality that underpin, enable and constrain those changing policy and legislative frameworks.


University of  Pisa (14-16 September 2017), XXVIII AIA Conference. Presented paper: "Illegitimate theatre, culture and society, 11170-1840".

University of York, UK (27-30 July 2017), 15th biannual conference of the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) Romantic Improvement. Themed panel proposal by the Inter-university Centre for the Study of Romanticism (CISR) “Illegitimate theatre: context, performance and material culture.” Titolo dell'intervento: "Theatre is ‘a pleasure for most social kind’: illegitimate performances as personal enjoyment and social improvement in Leigh Hunt’s reviews."

University of Vechta, Germany (11-14 May 2017): international conference on "The Lost Romantics". Titolo dell'internveto: "Subjects of this kind are more fitted for narrative than for dramatic representation”: Polidori’s Ernestus Berchtold and the Daring Narrative of Incest".

Comune di Mirandola (MO), "JANE AUSTEN (1775-1817) -- RITRATTO DELLA SCRITTRICE NEL BICENTENARIO DELLA MORTE" (Febbraio-Marzo 2017). Intervento tenuto il 24 marzo 2017 dal titilo: “Jane Austen e la narrative inglese romantica tra guerre, rivoluzioni e schiavitù”.

Univeristà di Bologna (30 gennaio - 10 febbraio 2017): "GRACE" WINTER SCHOOL on Gender and Women's Studies. Panel dedicato a "Women’s Agency and Empowerment in Literary Studies". Lezione dottorale tenuta il 7 febbraio 2017 su "Finding a public voice: English Romantic and Vicotiran Women journalists and editors between tradition and innovation".

Università di Bologna, (12-13 gennaio 2017): Two-day Seminar "Women’s Voices and Genealogies in Literary Studies in English". Giornate di studio nell’ambito del Dottorato in Women’s and Gender Studies (Curriculm EDGES). Titolo dell'intervento: "Novel, Romance and Tale of Real Life: Meta-Discourses in Romantic Women's Narratives".

Univesità di Genova (2-3 dicembre 2016): partecipazione al seminario dedicato a “International Knowledge Transfer Networks: Britain and Italy, 1785-1825” con presentazione di un intervento intitolato: " 'Liberal' cultural exchange between Italy and England: Leigh Hunt and his 'Letters from Abroad'".

Univesità di Genova (2-3 dicembre 2016): international seminar “International Knowledge Transfer Networks: Britain and Italy, 1785-1825” . Talk on " 'Liberal' cultural exchange between Italy and England: Leigh Hunt and his 'Letters from Abroad'".

Casa Editrice Berti, Parma (5 novembre 2016): presentation of the new Italian translation of Jane Austen's  "Northanger Abbey".

Università di Bologna (15-16 settembre 2016): organization, together with Maurizio Ascari and Diego Saglia, of the international conference “Gothic Galaxy: Intersections and Metamorphoses” .  Talk on "Intersections and metamorphoses of the gothic genre from Clara Reeve to Ann Radcliffe".

University of Galway, Irlanda (22-26 agosto 2016): International conference organised by European Society for the Study of English (ESSE). Panel: "Contemporary Writers on Writing: Performative Practices and Intermediality" and presented paper on "New performances of the past: Jane Austen, a vampire in New York"

University of Hull, UK (11 May 2016): Project Launch Conference of GRACE – Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe project (orizon 2020 Marie S. Curie GRACE Project). Delegate of the University of Bologna as part of the consortium which is made of 8 institutional partners: the University of Hull, University of Granada, University of Oviedo, University of Bologna, Associazione Orlando, University of Lödz, Central European University and Utrecht University.

Biblioteca Salaborsa, Comune di Bologna (9 aprile 2016): presentation and discussion with Diego Saglia (Università di Parma) on his work “Leggere Austen” (Carocci Editore).

Università di Bologna (12 febbraio 2016): day-seminar on “Maschere d’Autore. La Letteratura dal punto di vista degli Scrittori”. Title of  the presented talk: "Lord Byron e Letitia Elizabeth Landon: maschere a confronto".

Biblioteca Salaborsa, Comune di Bologna (16 gennaio 2016): introduction to "I misteri di Udolpho" by Ann Radcliffe, "Tom Jones" by Henry Fielding and "Evelina" by Frances Fanny Burney to the reading club organized by  JASIT (Jane Austen Society of Italy)

Chawton House Library (UK), 11-12 Dec. 2015: International conference dedicated to ‘Marilyn Butler and the War of Ideas: a Commemorative Conference’. Presented paper: ‘Rewriting The Genre of Romances Of Real Life: Maria Edgeworth and Jane Austen’.

Università di Bologna (6 novembre 2015): organiser with Carlotta Farese of the international conference: “Subversive Jane Austen: from the Critic to the Reader" sponsored by CISR, dal LILEC and Chawton House Library.

University of Napoli l’Orientale and Federico II, (10-12 Sept. 2015): XXVII AIA International Conference ‘Transnational Subjects: Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Encounters’. Member of the panel sponsored by the Inter-University Centre for Romantic Studies (CISR) entitled ‘Imprinting Anglo-Italian Relations’. Paper: ‘Leigh Hunt as editor and contributor to The Liberal’

University of Cardiff, UK (16-19 July 2015): International conference of the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) ‘Romantic Imprints’. Coordinator of panel dedicated to ‘The Liberal’ sponsored by the Inter-University Centre for Romantic Studies (UNIBO). Presented paper: ‘Leigh Hunt and his 'Letters from Abroad'’’

University of Liverpool (UK), 14-15 Nov. 2014: International Conference "Edward Rushton and Romantic Liverpool: A Bicentennial Conference". Presented paper:: “Felica Hemans and the social coalition in Liverpool”.

University of Sheffield (UK), 27-29 giugno 2014: International conference on Ann Radcliffe at 250. Gothic and Romantic Imagination . Presented paper: “The power of the lute and the genius of the language: Ann Radcliffe and the art of poetical improvisation”.

Università di Parma, 12-14 settembre 2013: XXVI AIA Conference: “Remediating, Rescripting, Remaking: Old and New Challenges in English Studies”. Presented paper:  “Remediating Jane Austen through the Gothic: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as literary adaptation and media transmigration”.

University of Southampton (UK), 25-28 luglio 2013: International conference organized by the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) “Romantic Imports and Exports: 2013 BARS International Biennial Conference”. Presented paper:  “Colonial Picturesque and Indian Women in English Annuals and Gift-Books”.

Chawton House Library (UK), 4-6 luglio 2013: Iternational conference: Women's Writing of the Long Eighteenth Century . Presented paper: “Masking and unmasking the gendered self: the art of masquerade in English annuals during the 1820s”.

Bogazici University, Istanbul (Turkey), 4-8 September 2012:  11th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE).

University of Bologna, 17-18 April 2012: seminar organized by the network Erasmus Mundus in Women's and Gender Studies GEMMA “Nuove prospettive degli studi di genere in Italia e in Europa”. Presented paper: “Il contributo delle donne scrittrici alla letteratura di largo consumo nell'Inghilterra vittorina”.

Museo del Risorgimento (Bologna), 21 Feb. 2012: Lecture on “Donne inglesi e Risorgimento italiano tra Romanticismo e Vittorianesimo”.

Chawton House Library (UK), 26/10/2011: seminar “Poetry of Taste and Refinements”: Consumer Literature in Ninetheenth-Century Annuals”.

University of Leicester, School of English, Victorian Studies Centre , 19/01/2011: Vicotrina Study Center, Spring Seminar Series 2011: ‘“But Italy, my Italy! Can it last, this gleam? Can she live and be strong?”: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the Italian Risorgimento'.

University of Turin, 14-28/10/2010: 10th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE). Participation to the Round Table on “From the Renaissance to the Risorgimento: British Perceptions of Italy as a Nation State, between Aesthetics and Ethics”.

Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge (UK), 19/06/2010: one-day conference on Celebrating Women's Writing. Presented paper: "'British Risorgimento': Representations of the process of Italian Unification and the cultural interaction between Italy and Great Britain in the writings of Elizabeth Barrett Browning".

University of Rome “Roma Tre” 1-3/10/2009: 24° National conference of the Italian Association of Studies in English Literature, Culture and Language (AIA) Challenges for the 21st Century: Dilemmas, Ambiguities, Directions. Presented paper in the Literary Workshop: “The Narrative Poem from the Romantic to the Victorian period: Lord Byron to Robert Browning”.

University of Newcastle, 16-18/07/2009. Attendance of the conference Republican Exchange, c.1550-c.1850. Presentation of the paper on “Poetry as thought and action: Mazzini's reflections on Byron”.

Chawton House Library (U.K.), 9-11/07/2009. International Conference New Directions in Austen Studies. Presentation of the paper entitled: “Belinda and Pride and Prejudice as Romances of Real Life”.