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Sara Zaniboni

Associate Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/06 Work and Organizational Psychology


M. Corbière; S. Zaniboni; T. Lecomte; G. Bond; P.Y. Gilles; A. Lesage; E. Goldner, Job acquisition for people with severe mental illness enrolled in supported employment programs: A theoretically grounded empirical study, «JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL REHABILITATION», 2011, 21, pp. 342 - 354 [Scientific article]

S. Zaniboni; F. Fraccaroli; D. Truxillo; M. Bertolino; T. Bauer, Training valence, instrumentality, and expectancy scale (T-VIES-it): Factor structure and nomological network in an Italian sample, «JOURNAL OF WORKPLACE LEARNING», 2011, 23, pp. 133 - 151 [Scientific article]

S. Zaniboni; F. Fraccaroli; P. Villotti; M. Corbière, Working plans of people with mental disorders employed in Italian social enterprises, «PSYCHIATRIC REHABILITATION JOURNAL», 2011, 35, pp. 55 - 58 [Scientific article]

Zaniboni, Sara; Sarchielli, Guido; Fraccaroli, Franco, How are psychosocial factors related to retirement intentions?, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANPOWER», 2010, 31, pp. 271 - 285 [Scientific article]

S. Zaniboni; M. Corbière; F. Fraccaroli; J. Perron, Work values of people with severe mental disorders registered in vocational programs: Validation of the work values questionnaire, «CANADIAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH», 2010, 29, pp. 107 - 122 [Scientific article]

Zaniboni S.; Guglielmi D.; Depolo M.; Fraccaroli F., Contribution to the Validation of the Italian Version of the Retirement Satisfaction Inventory (RSI-it), «BOLLETTINO DI PSICOLOGIA APPLICATA», 2009, 257, pp. 13 - 22 [Scientific article]

G. Sarchielli; S. Toderi; S. Zaniboni, Il lavoro flessibile, le sue cause e gli atteggiamenti verso il futuro: La mediazione della soddisfazione lavorativa, «PSICOLOGIA SOCIALE», 2009, 4, pp. 51 - 65 [Scientific article]

M. Atzori; L. Lombardi; F. Fraccaroli; A. Battistelli; S. Zaniboni, Organizational socialization of women in the Italian army: Learning processes and proactive tactics, «JOURNAL OF WORKPLACE LEARNING», 2008, 20, pp. 327 - 347 [Scientific article]

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