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Salvatore Zappalà

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

Academic discipline: M-PSI/06 Work and Organizational Psychology

Curriculum vitae


1995        Ph.d. (1992-1995) in OrganizationalPsychology, at the University of Bologna.

1988        M.S. - Degree in Psychology (July, 1988) at the University of Rome.

1986        M.S. - Degree in Psychology (June, 1986) at Pontificial Salesian University of Rome.


European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (E.A.W.O.P.) (Executive Committee Member) (2009 - up to now)

Europsy European Awarding Committee, project coordinated by European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (E.F.P.A.) (Member) (2012 - up to now)  

Local coordinator of the Master Erasmus Mundus "Work, Organizationl and Personnel Psychology", supported by the European Union; offered by a consortium of five European Universities, and coordinated by the University of Valencia (2009 - up to now)


Has been officially teaching courses in Work and Organizational Psychology since 1996 at the University of Bologna, in particular:

- “Organizational change and development”, (postgraduate) (2007 - up to now)

“Program Evaluation and Basic Intervention Techniques” (postgraduate) (2007 - up to now)

- “Organizational and group decision making”, Master in “Public Admnistration Sciences” (postgraduate) (2001 - up to now),

- “Psychology of food comsumption”, Faculty of Agriculture, (undergraduate) (2004 - 2012),

- “Economic Psychology”, Faculty of Psychology (postgraduate) (2004 - 2011),

- “Work and Organizational Psychology”, Faculty of Arts (undergraduate) (2001 - 2004).



- Fulbright grant, New Century Scholar program. Project: “The University as driver of innovation and knowledge center” (2009–10).

- Ministries of Health and Education (2008): “Fruit snacks: monitoring students and schools satisfaction for fresh cut products” (research grant)

- Foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena (2007): “Creativity and Innovation within small and medium enterprises” (research grant)

- “Psychological aspects and individual decision making in welfare privatisation” (research grant, Italian National Research Council, 2001)

- University of Bologna (1999): “Making a decision on behalf of oneself or of the group: effects of information availability and accountability” (research grant)



Hochschule Osnabrück, University of Applied Sciences (Osnabruck, Germania) (May 2013)

Portland State University (USA) Dept. of Psychology (as Fulbright scholar) (Aug. - Oct. 2009,  Feb. 2010),

Portland State University (USA) (Dept. of Psychology), with the Erasmus Mundus program (Aug-.Oct. 2008),

University of Exeter (UK) (School of Psychology) (Sept.- Oct. 2001)



- “Joint Intensive lerarning Unit (winter school)” organised by the Erasmus Mundus program (2008).

- Workshop “Firms and consumers facing e-commerce: strategies to increase ITs adoption and usage” (Rimini, 11-13 Sept., 2003), supported by the I.A.R.E.P. and the University of Bologna.

- Third Summer School in Economic Psychology, supported by the I.A.R.E.P. and the University of Bologna (Bertinoro, Italy, 4 - 18 of July, 1998)



- Academy of Managament , USA, Member, (2008 -   )

- European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP, Member Executive Committee, 2009- up to now)

- European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) (2003 -  )

- Associazione Italiana di Psicologia – sezione di Psicologia per le Organizzazioni, IT, (2008 -   )

- Institute for Small Business Affairs (ISBA) UK, (2003-04)

- International Association for Research on Economic Psychology (I.A.R.E.P.) (1996-2005)

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