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Salvatore Zappalà

Associate Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/06 Work and Organizational Psychology

Curriculum vitae


1995        Ph.d. (1992-1995) in OrganizationalPsychology, at the University of Bologna.

1988        M.S. - Degree in Psychology (July, 1988) at the University of Rome.

1986        M.S. - Degree in Psychology (June, 1986) at Pontificial Salesian University of Rome.


European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (E.A.W.O.P.) (Executive Committee Member) (2009 - 2015)

Europsy European Awarding Committee, project coordinated by European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (E.F.P.A.) (Member) (2012 - 2019)  

Chair of the Specialist European Awarding Committee (S.E.A.C.), project coordinated by European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (E.F.P.A.) (2014 - 2019).

Local coordinator of the Master Erasmus Mundus "Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology", supported by the European Union (2009 - 2017). The program is offered by a consortium of four European Universities, and coordinated by the University of Valencia.



Has been officially teaching courses in Work and Organizational Psychology since 1996 at the University of Bologna, in particular:

- “Organizational change and development”, (postgraduate) (2007 - up to now)

“Program Evaluation and Basic Intervention Techniques” (postgraduate) (2007 - up to now)

- “Organizational and group decision making”, Master in “Public Admnistration Sciences” (postgraduate) (2001 - up to now),

- “Psychology of food consumption”, Faculty of Agriculture, (undergraduate) (2004 - 2012),

- “Economic Psychology”, Faculty of Psychology (postgraduate) (2004 - 2011),

- “Work and Organizational Psychology”, Faculty of Arts (undergraduate) (2001 - 2004).



- Fulbright grant, New Century Scholar program. Project: “The University as driver of innovation and knowledge center” (2009–10).

- Ministries of Health and Education (2008): “Fruit snacks: monitoring students and schools satisfaction for fresh cut products” (research grant)

- Foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena (2007): “Creativity and Innovation within small and medium enterprises” (research grant)

- “Psychological aspects and individual decision making in welfare privatisation” (research grant, Italian National Research Council, 2001)

- University of Bologna (1999): “Making a decision on behalf of oneself or of the group: effects of information availability and accountability” (research grant)



Adjunct Professor at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow, from 2018-19 up to now)

Hochschule Osnabrück, University of Applied Sciences (Osnabruck, Germania) (May 2013)

Portland State University (USA) Dept. of Psychology (as Fulbright scholar) (Aug. - Oct. 2009,  Feb. 2010),

Portland State University (USA) (Dept. of Psychology), with the Erasmus Mundus program (Aug-.Oct. 2008),

University of Exeter (UK) (School of Psychology) (Sept.- Oct. 2001)



- “Joint Intensive lerarning Unit (winter school)” organised by the Erasmus Mundus program (2008).

- Workshop “Firms and consumers facing e-commerce: strategies to increase ITs adoption and usage” (Rimini, 11-13 Sept., 2003), supported by the I.A.R.E.P. and the University of Bologna.

- Third Summer School in Economic Psychology, supported by the I.A.R.E.P. and the University of Bologna (Bertinoro, Italy, 4 - 18 of July, 1998)



- Academy of Managament , USA, Member, (2008 - 2014)

- European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP, Member Executive Committee, 2009- 2015)

- European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) (2003 -  )

- Associazione Italiana di Psicologia – sezione di Psicologia per le Organizzazioni, IT, (2008 -   )

- Institute for Small Business Affairs (ISBA) UK, (2003-04)

- International Association for Research on Economic Psychology (I.A.R.E.P.) (1996-2005)

- S.I.P.L.O. (Società Italiana di Psicologia del Lavoro e delle Organizzazioni) (2009 ad oggi)

- Assochange (Italian Association of Change Management) (dal 2013 – 2019)

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