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Sabrina Ardizzoni

Adjunct professor

Department of History and Cultures

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Curriculum vitae


1992-1993: one year Chinese Language Course at Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China;
1993-1994: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: one-year scholarship. Exchange program with Anhui Normal University, Wuhu, China;
1995: Bachelor Degree in Oriental History, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Bologna, (110/110 cum laude) Major: Chinese Language and Literature;
1996:  Hardware and software assistance professional licence (ENAIP);
2001: Master in Modern Language Teaching, Bologna University (Corso di perfezionamento DILM - Didattica delle Lingue Moderne) Bologna University, Faculty  of Foreign Languages and Literature;
2009: Two-year teaching fellows licence for Italian Universities. Subject: East Asian Studies (SSD L-OR21);
2010: Community service interpreter: professional licence issued by Emilia-Romagna Region.
-    Chinese Language and Literature Professor at Bologna University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities (2004-2013)
-    Chinese Language and Culture Professor at Bologna University, School of Modern Language Translation Studies (2004-2013)
-    Teacher of Chinese Culture in the course of Chinese Language and Culture organized by Chinese Hanban, Confucius Institute in Bologna, at Liceo Fermi.
-    Teacher training services: programming, organizing and teaching teacher training courses in Italian schools (kindergartens, primary, junior high and high school teachers). Teaching issues: language teaching, school organization, intercultural issues, school organization and programming, teaching techinques, evaluation strategies in classes with ILP students (Italian low proficiency); Chinese language, literature and culture introductory courses. (Università di Bologna, Cd/lei, IRRE E/R, Indire, LEND, COSPE, CEFAL, ENAIP, ARCI Toscana, singole scuole e Istituti Comprensivi della Regione Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Trentino, Toscana)
-    Editorial board of Giornale Cinese-Italiano 中意报 (from 1995 to present)。 With COSPE NGO
-    Literary and technical translator.
Working career:
-    Chinese Language and Literature Professor at Bologna University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
-    Chinese Language and Culture Professor at Bologna University, School of Modern Language Translation Studies
-    Chinese Language Professor at Modena and Reggio University, Faculty and Humanities
- Teacher training course: “Altro da me – modulo Cina”, by  Cd/lei (Documentation Center for intercultural education labs – Bologna Municipality) within Seipiù project. 2010 and 2011
- Translation of Yan Hongguo ‘s Make new Citizens of the World) - Roads of the World, Intercontinental Press, Beijing, 2010.
- Translation of chinese essays for the presentation of Chinese Director Fei Mu, Cineteca- Bologna, with Confucius Institute.
- Teacher training course: “Italian as a Second Language: a language to write and read”, at Faculty of Educational Science, University of Bologna  (Total classes: 16 hr. Total teaching hrs.: 8. )
- Scientific editor and co-author of Italian Language Teaching manual for Italian primary schools abroad: "Il nostro italiano: L'italiano per ragazze e ragazzi" (Our Italian: Italian Language for girls and boys).
- Editor in behalf of AIPI (Association for Intercultural Education) of: Pallotti, G., AIPI (coordinamento S. Ardizzoni), Imparare e insegnare l'italiano come seconda lingua – un percorso di formazione, DVD + Libro, Bonacci Editore, 2005 (Learning and Teaching  Italian as a Second Language – a teacher training multimedial course; DVD + book)
- Translation of two short stories published in “Made in China- Nuovi scrittori cinesi”, Mondadori, 2008
- Chinese-Italian interpreter for Chinese enterpreneurs at CNA Bologna (National Artisans' Confederation) (2002-2005);
- MOVIE MOVIE – Film Production Agency: consultant and translator for the production of “Buongiorno Cina”, RAI 2005 你好,中国; “Il bravo gatto prende i topi” (Awarded David di Donatello Prize 2006); “Shanghai, Mon Amour: Le notti di Mian Mian” RAI 2001;
- 1996- 2006: Teacher of Italian as a Second Language for students of foreign origin (mainly chinese), in Bologna schools (primary, junior high, high school). Bologna Municipality Social Service Commettee (through AIPI Association) and schools. (average hrs. per year: 200)
- 1996-2003: Teacher of Italian as a Second Language for immigrant adults (mainly chinese): total teaching hrs.: 180
1995: Temporary employment at the Cultural Office of the Italian Embassy in Beijing.