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Raffaele Milani


Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-FIL/04 Aesthetics


Keywords: Philosophy Aesthetics Nature Landscape City

From an analysis of the main aesthetic categories fashionable on the Eighteenth Century we can discover  a complex plan of philosophical toughts on nature and on landscape. These considerations had a particular reformulation in the romantic theories. The research concern particolarly the interlacement of these topics and problems as they come out from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century, in the field of aesthetics and art.

This research focused on a map of philosophical toughts on the topic of the nature and the landscape. From the analysis of the main aesthetic and artistic categories in the Goethe Age emerge diverse visions of the world. Philosophers, scientists, artists and writers thought, imaginated, elaborated them. This map lives in the articulation of the forms of nature as an absolute or in the representation of the landscape, result of imagination and human work. The romantic theories, as well as some recent poetics, offered impressions, observations, definitions useful to give an aesthetics  and a philosophy of nature and landscape presented to us as great issues of the artistic and cultural civilizations.