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Raffaele Milani

Alma Mater Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

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Department of the Arts

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Raffaele Milani. Full Professor of Aesthetics.  Milani has been a Research Associate in Aesthetics at the University of Bologna since 1974, in the same Faculty (Scienze della Formazione). He was visiting professor in various foreign universities (Europe, Canada, Japan). He participated in international symposiums and held lectures and seminars on aesthetic categories, on the comparison between the arts, on synaesthesia and the media, and on the aesthetics of the the landscape. He teaches Aesthetics in the Department of Educational Sciences and he taught Fenomenologia degli Stili in the High School of Specialization on History of Art at the University of Bologna(2001-2007).  

Director of post lauream Master in "Landascape Science and Design" ( University of Bologna), 2003-2004, 2004-2005. He was Director of Summer School: Italian Design (2005-2015). Art, Society and Industry ( University of Bologna - Osaka University, University of Taiwan, Tongji University of Shanghai, China). Director of  the "Laboratory for Research on the City " (Istituto di Studi Superiori, University of Bologna. Member of the Intitute of Advanced Studies (Unversity of Bologna), 2003-2009. Member of the European Commission at the French Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development on: "De la connaissance des paysages à l'action paysagère" (from 2004). Italian delegate at the International Association for Aesthetics. Member of the Scientific Board at the EURIAS program. Member of the Scientific Board of the Doctoral School of Semiotics, now PSCS.

He is the author of Categorie estetiche (Pratiche, Parma 1991), a detailed survey of the main aesthetic categories which scholars and writers have referred to over the last three centuries. Il Pittoresco. L'evoluzione del gusto tra classico e romantico (Laterza, Bari 1996; awarded the Hanbury Botanical Gardens International Prize)) analyzed the relationship between natural beauty and artistic beauty, comparing the baroque, classicism, rococo and romanticism. Il fascino della paura. L'invenzione del Gotico dal Rococò al Trash (Guerini, Milano 1998) is an overview on the pleasure of terror in literature and  arts, from the Eighteenth Century until today. In  L'arte del paesaggio (awarded the Calabria International Prize and the Hanbury International Prize, translated in English, French, Spanish, Japanese), Milani addresses the issue of natural landscapes as an aesthetic category. Making use of a wide array of materials drawn from philosophical tradition, literature and art. Il paesaggio è un'avventura, (Feltrinelli, Milano 2005) is a detailed guidebook to the aesthetic experience of landscapes. Latest book:  I Volti della Grazia, ed. il Mulino, Bologna 2009 (translated in English, Peter Lang, New York), L'arte della città (The Art of the City, McGill-Queen's UP, Montreal, Chicago, London, 2017), il Mulino, Bologna 2015.

He has contributed widely to important Italian journals of aesthetics, such as "Rivista di Estetica", "il verri", "Studi di estetica", “Estetica”, "The Journal of Asian Arts & Aesthetics".

President of the Italian Scientific Committee for the Art Exhibition Capolavori della Scultura Buddhista Giapponese (01/2014 - 09/2016), Roma, Scuderie del Quirinale. On May 2016 he held the Laudatio for Laurea ad Honorem to Joseph Rykwert. Between 2015 and 2018 he also gave lectures in some Italian and foreign universities as well as he took part in various symposiums (Losanna, Ginevra, Torino, Roma). Keynote speaker in various International Symposium: Tasting The Landscape, IFLA, Torino 2016; Archiletture, Bologna 2017; Pistoia, Capitale della Cultura 2017; Immagini?, Bressanone 2017. He is also coordinator of two international symposium in autumn 2017, topics: L'invention de la femme, In Defence of the Ancient City. May 26th 2018, he gave a lecture at the Conference on the topic of the Italian Costitution (art.9). Autumn 2018: speaker at the Furusato International Meeting at the University of Ca'Foscari in Venice and at the Autobiography International Conference in Paris, at the Institut Protestant de Théologie. Member of the Osservatorio sul Paesaggio della Regione Emilia-Romagna. Moderator of the round table Urban and Natural Landscape at International Congress of Aesthetics (22-26 July 2019).

Latest book: The Art of the City, McGill-Queen's UP, Montreal, Chicago, London, 2017.




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