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Maria Rosa Guerrieri

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/05 Forest Management and Silviculture


Guerrieri, Rossella; Cáliz, Joan; Mattana, Stefania; Barceló, Anna; Candela, Marco; Elustondo, David; Fortmann, Heike; Hellsten, Sofie; Koenig, Nils; Lindroos, Antti-Jussi; Matteucci, Giorgio; Merilä, Päivi; Michalski, Greg; Nicolas, Manuel; Thimonier, Anne; Turroni, Silvia; Vanguelova, Elena; Verstraeten, Arne; Waldner, Peter; Watanabe, Mirai; Casamayor, Emilio O.; Peñuelas, Josep; Mencuccini, Maurizio, Substantial contribution of tree canopy nitrifiers to nitrogen fluxes in European forests, «NATURE GEOSCIENCE», 2024, 17, pp. 130 - 136 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Guerrieri Rossella, Beyond the tree-ring boundary: combining multidisciplinary approaches to link carbon, water and nitrogen cycling in forests (Invited key not speaker), in: Proceedings of the TREE-RINGS IN ARCHAEOLOGY, CLIMATOLOGY AND ECOLOGY TRACE 2019, 2019, pp. 154 - 154 (atti di: TREE-RINGS IN ARCHAEOLOGY, CLIMATOLOGY AND ECOLOGY TRACE 2019, San Leucio, Caserta, 07-11/05/2019) [Abstract]

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