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Maria Rosa Guerrieri

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/05 Forest Management and Silviculture


Keywords: tree ecophysiology stable isotopes dendrochronology water-use efficiency forest ecology climate change nitrogen cycling nitrogen deposition phyllosphere leaf gas exchanges

  • Forest water-use efficiency in relation to global change drivers (including increasing atmospheric CO2, variation in atmospheric nitrogen and sulfur deposition, climate extremes, land-use change);
  • Nitrogen deposition and forest N cycling with a focus on elucidating nitrogen transformations occurring in the phyllosphere.

Active projects (as PI):

2022-2026: COST Action-CA21138 - Joint effects of CLimate Extremes and Atmospheric depositioN on European FORESTs (CLEANFOREST)

2023-2025: Effects of nitrogen deposition and climate extremes on European forests: combining stable isotopes in tree rings and ecosystem fluxes (NEXTRES) - national project funded within the PRIN 2022 program. *Starting end of September 2023*

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