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Maria Rosa Guerrieri

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/05 Forest Management and Silviculture


Smith N.G.; Keenan T.F.; Colin Prentice I.; Wang H.; Wright I.J.; Niinemets U.; Crous K.Y.; Domingues T.F.; Guerrieri R.; Yoko Ishida F.; Kattge J.; Kruger E.L.; Maire V.; Rogers A.; Serbin S.P.; Tarvainen L.; Togashi H.F.; Townsend P.A.; Wang M.; Weerasinghe L.K.; Zhou S.-X., Global photosynthetic capacity is optimized to the environment, «ECOLOGY LETTERS», 2019, 22, pp. 506 - 517 [Scientific article]Open Access

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