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Maria Rosa Guerrieri

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/05 Forest Management and Silviculture


Guerrieri Rossella, Rossi Sergio, Deslauriers Annie, Jennings Katie, Lepine Lucie, Ouimette Andy, Millman Thomas, Asbjornsen Heidi, Ollinger Scott, Linking carbon and water cycles in forests: from the cell to the ecosystem level, in: 3rd Ameridendro -meeting program and abstracts book, 2016, pp. 68 - 68 (atti di: 3rd American Dendrochronological conference 2016, Mendoza, 28/03 - 01/04 2016) [Poster]

Jennings K.A.; Guerrieri R.; Vadeboncoeur M.A.; Asbjornsen H., Response of Quercus velutina growth and water use efficiency to climate variability and nitrogen fertilization in a temperate deciduous forest in the northeastern USA, «TREE PHYSIOLOGY», 2016, 36, pp. 428 - 443 [Scientific article]

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Maria Rosa Guerrieri, Utilizzo degli isotopi stabili per il monitoraggio degli ecosistemi forestali., Viggiano, Akiris, 2010, pp. 58 . [Research monograph]

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