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Pier Giorgio Cozzi

Full Professor

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/06 Organic Chemistry


Keywords: Reformatsky reaction enantioselective alkynylation chiral ligands quaternary sterocenters catalytic enantioselective reactions

The reseacrh group has opened numeros research line in stereoselective catalysis and organometallic catalysis.The floowing research lines are actually pursued.
Stereoselective SN1 type reaction with carbenium ion.
Stereoselective reaction for teh synthesis of alkaloids. .
New methodogies with chiral Bronsted acids, and new design for Bronsted acids
New organocatalysis based on porphyrins
Total syntehsis of Baulamycin A and B, abnd their applications against resistent bacteria gram negative (in collaboration with Sant Orsola, Bologna)
Photocatalysis with Bodipy
Stereoselective photocatalysis with earth abudant and not toxic metals.
Synthesis of new chiral rotaxane ligands.
Use of privileged ligands (BOX, BINOL, Salen, PHOX, etcc) in new catalytic stereoselective processes.
Organometallic catalysis with iron, cobalt and manganese complexes.
New stereoselective hydrogenation based on iron or cobalt ligands (in collaboration with Matthey Catalysis, UK)
Organometallic catalysis with chromium, zinc, iron, cobalt, and manganese complexes.
Stereoselective redox catalysis.
Enantiselective Reformatsky type reactions.
New methodlogies with titanium and chromium complexes.
Catalis redox organometallica

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