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Patrizia Tassinari

Full Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/10 Rural Buildings and Agro-forest Land Planning

Coordinator of PhD Programme in Health, Safety and Green Systems

Delegate for the Imola Branch for Academic Structures

Curriculum vitae

Patrizia Tassinari, MsC in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies and Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering, since 1984 has collaborated with the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Bologna, in the field of rural buildings and technical plants for agriculture. Since 2005 Patrizia Tassinari has been full professor at the University of Bologna in the SSD AGR / 10 (Rural buildings and agroforestry territory), first in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Engineering, and now at the Department of Agro-Food Sciences and Technologies (DISTAL), where Patrizia Tassinari coordinates the research group of Rural Construction and Landscape.
In the various phases of her career, Patrizia Tassinari has conducted educational and research activities in various macro-themes in the field of rural construction, rural landscape and green systems.

Research activity and third mission

Studies and research, also conducted with interdisciplinary approaches, have the strategic objective of:
• improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the agricultural and agro-industrial sector, through innovation and quantitative and qualitative optimization of the efficiency of production processes and the reduction of their environmental and landscape impacts;
• define strategies, solutions and criteria for design, planning and management of the territory and green systems, for the valorization of structural and infrastructural systems, the increase of energy efficiency, the improvement of environmental and landscape quality and the increase of resilience and of the healthiness of building, urban and territorial systems.

The research activities carried out contribute to meeting the needs of the community, in line with national and international policies, and intercept several of the United Nations' sustainable development goals, and principally: good health and well-being, sustainable cities and communities, zero hunger, climate action, quality education, life on land.

Research activities contribute to the definition, development and implementation of design, planning, analysis, modeling and monitoring methodologies in the following specific areas:
Livestock buildings and environmental control

  • Agri-food processing buildings and facilities and crop production buildings
  • Landscape compatibility of the rural built environment
  • Territory and rural landscape and green systems

Scientific responsibility for research projects

She has been and is responsible for numerous national and international research projects eligible for funding on the basis of competitive calls for peer review .

She has also activated numerous agreements with public and private bodies, of which she has been and is responsible for scientific and coordinating, for the carrying out of research , development and consulting related to the issues described above

Sheis a founding member and still a member of the academic Spin off ERGO consulting srl, Analysis and socio-economic evaluations for the development of the territory.

Academic roles and responsibilities in scientific societies

Patrizia Tassinari:

  • is the Rector's delegate as academic representative of the Imola district of the University of Bologna;
  • she s the representative of the University of Bologna on behalf of the Rector within the Uniscape network (European Network of Universities for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention);
  • in January 2018 she was elected coordinator of the newly launched Doctoral Course in HEALTH, SAFETY AND GREEN SYSTEMS for the 34th cycle 2018/19 .
  • she is chairman of the SIG SE28 Working Group Rural Buildings and Landscape of the European Society of Agricultural Engineers ( EurAgEng );
  • she is President of the 2nd section of the Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering;
  • she is the coordinator of the interregional node of Northern Italy of the Interregional Society for Participation in Agribusiness Landscape and Environmental Management (IPSAPA-IPSALEM).
  • she is a member of the following international scientific society: International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR); American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE); European Society of Agricultural Engineering ( EurAgEng ) ;
  • she was Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Bologna from January 2014 to December 2015;
  • she was President of the first level degree course in ornamental green and landscape protection of the University of Bologna from 2004 to 2015 .

Roles in scientific publishing

Patrizia Tassinari:

  • is a Member of the editorial board of the international "Journal of Agricultural Engineering (JAE)" ;
  • she is Section editor of the International journal "Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal"
  • she is referee in sectors building rural and landscape for numerous international journals with peer reviews, such as : Journal of Geography and Regional Planning (AcademicJournals), Land Use Policy (Elsevier), Landscape and Urban Planning (Elsevier), Journal of Agricultural Engineering (AIIA, ETS), Biosystems Engineering (Elsevier), Journal of Environmental Management ( Elsevier), Agricultural Engineering International (CIGR Journal). He has also reviewed and edited several books and scientific reports, and coordinated national and international research projects.

Other roles

Patrizia Tassinari:

  • is a correspondent academic for the Italian Academy of Agriculture;
  • she is a member of the examining commission for state exams for the qualification of the profession of agronomist and forestry doctor;
  • she was a member of the landscape working group within the National University Council (CUN) she was a member of the teaching staff of the Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering of the University of Bologna.
  • she supervised, as a member of the organizing and scientific committee, the planning and organization of manifold conferences;
  • she was chairman of manifold conference sessions on the theme of rural buildings and landscape.

Activities of quality assurance, evaluation and accreditation

Roles and responsibilities in the development, organization and operational management within the institutional quality system assurance at the University of Bologna

Patrizia Tassinari since the academic year 2001/2002 deals with the planning and management of teaching in the then Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna. In 2003, she was a referent of the first degree course in ornamental green and landscape protection of the University of Bologna, and from 2004 to 2015 she was President of the first level degree course in ornamental green and landscape protection and responsible of the AQ Group of the degree course. At the same time, following the application of Ministerial Decree 509/99 and Ministerial Decree 270/04, he played an active role - as a member of the Faculty Council, in the design and planning of training courses - then activated - as well as in their redesign following the entry into force of ministerial decrees for the reorganization of teaching.

From January 2008 to date he is responsible for the educational complex of Imola of the University of Bologna, by delegation of the Magnificent Rectors of the University of Bologna (Prof. Calzolari, Dionigi and Ubertini ). In the educational complex of Imola - where there are 7 study courses in the area of Agriculture, Pharmacy and Medicine and Surgery, with a student population of about 1000 students - plays a role that is transversal to all the degree courses in conception and planning of services to students regarding the services of orientation inbound, outgoing, enhancement of transversal skills, self-entrepreneurship, etc. By proxy of the Rector – she is in charge of relations with the main supporting bodies of the territory of the University Educational Complex of Imola and between said Institutions and the University Prorectors (shared with the Department Directors and Presidents of the Schools), relationships thanks to which it was possible to carry out numerous projects for the creation of structural equipment (study rooms, laboratories, implementations of technological equipment for a better learning of students, etc.).

She also performs a transversal coordination to all the degree courses of the branch with regard torelations with schools in school / work alternation projects, for internship and placement activities and relationships with the main stakeholders of the various degree courses, also for the activation of lifelong learning courses, advanced training and masters.

From January 2012 to December 2015 she played the role of:

• delegated to the teaching and coordinator of the didactic commission of the department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Bologna. She coordinated the planning and management activities of the 7 degree courses of reference, with particular attention to the quality of teaching and to the relations with the social partners;

• delegated to the orientation inbound and outbound of the 7 degree courses of reference of the Department of Agricultural Sciences;

• vice president of the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of UNIBO

She was:

• member of the council of the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Bologna ;

• member of the joint committee of professors and students of the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Bologna;

• Chairman of the joint committee of professors and students of the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Bologna .

Roles and responsibilities as a disciplinary expert and coordinator of Evaluation Boards (CEV) for the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research (ANVUR)

Since March 2013, after a wide experience acquired at the University of Bologna, Patrizia Tassinari has started her activity as a disciplinary expert for degree courses in the fields of agricultural and veterinary sciences and life sciences. The activities conducted as a disciplinary expert have become more and more intense over the years and have allowed to gain a thorough knowledge of the education provided by the various Italian universities, not only in terms of training paths, but especially with regard to quality assurance policies, corrective actions and interactions with stakeholders identified by the various universities in response to the policies set by ANVUR.

Since the 2017 she has been inserted as Expert for Institutional Quality Assurance System in the register of Evaluation Experts of ANVUR.

In particular, from May 2014 to today she has held the role of disciplinary expert for the evaluation of the degree courses of new activation (initial accreditation, ref. Ministerial Decree No. 47/2013 , academic years of evaluation: 2014/2015, 2015/16, 2016/17), and from September 2014 to today she has served as a disciplinary expert ANVUR for periodic accreditation for different undergraduate and master's degree programs.

In 2015 she received an invitation from HCERES to participate in the commission of experts charged with the evaluation of the École Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques de Bordeaux-Aquitaine or Bordeaux Sciences Agro, for the global institutional assessment of the governance of higher education institutions and research organizations.

Training activities in the evaluation sector

• April 2013 - May 2013: AVA ANVUR training course;

• September 2014 - October 2014: CEV workshop for initial accreditation, ANVUR;

• 18 and 19 July 2017 participation in a compulsory training path for the inclusion in the Register of Evaluation Entities of the ANVUR - Profile of System Experts for Institutional Quality Assurance - as eligible .

• Participation in conferences organized by various Italian universities in the field of procedures for the evaluation of study courses and the quality of educational activities.

Patrizia Tassinari therefore has:

- acquired a multi-year experience with positions of responsibility in the development, planning and operational management of the institutional quality assurance system in academic structures;

- carried out a multi-year activity as president of a degree course in academic structures;

- acquired extensive experience in the evaluation of institutional quality assurance, as a disciplinary expert at ANVUR, as part of the evaluation and accreditation of university courses and institutions, also carrying out various institutional visits on the spot.

Teaching activities

Since 1997 she has been the teacher of numerous courses in the fields of planning of farm and livestock buildings and of territorial and landscape analysis and planning, in the context of first and second level degree courses, doctorate and master courses.

Currently, he is the holder of the following teachings:

  • RURAL BUILDINGS AND LAND SURVEY - 6 ECTS (Component of the integrated course FARM BUILDINGS AND LIVESTOCK BREEDING), School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Degree Course in Agricultural Technologies.
  • RURAL BUILDING AND LAND PLANNING - 8 ECTS , School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Degree Course in Land and agro-forestry Sciences.
  • RURAL BUILDING AND LAND PLANNING - 8 ECTS , School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Degree Course in Sciences Land and agro-forestry Sciences.
  • FUNDAMENTALS OF RURAL BUILDINGS AND SPATIAL PLANNING - 6 ECTS (Component of the integrated course ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AND FARMBUILDINGS), School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Degree Course in Marketing and Economics of the agro-industrial system.
  • LAND AND LANDSCAPE PLANNING - 6 ECTS (Component of the integrated course LANDSCAPE DESIGN AND SPATIAL PLANNING), School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Degree Course in Ornamental plants and landscape protection.
  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN AND PLANNING - 5 ECTS (Component of the integrated course RURAL BUILDING, PLANNING AND LANDSCAPE PLANNING), School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Master's Degree Course in Planning and management of agro-territorial, forest and landscape.

Patrizia Tassinari has been and is a examiner in numerous degree theses on the topics of analysis and planning of the rural territory , planning and design of green areas and landscape, and the study and planning of the rural built system.

She has been and is tutor of undergraduate and master students for internship activities.

Membership of committees and commissions

Patrizia Tassinari was a member :

  • ·of the commission for architectural quality and landscape of the municipality of Imola (Bologna);

    • of the transnational selection committee for the third edition of the Mediterranean landscape award - European project Pays.Med.Urban , MED Program 2007-2013;

    • of the regional selection committee of the sector Valorisation and protection of the landscape and of the rural settlements of the Emilia-Romagna Region;

    • of the technical committee for the design award for urban redevelopment of the historical Pavilion complex, Municipality of Lugo (Ravenna);

    • of the direction board of the center for economic development in Imola;

    • of the infraregional technical committee for the mining activities of the province of Bologn

  • ·of the disciplinary board of the professional association of Agronomists and Forestry doctors of the province of Bologna;

She is technical consultant for the president of the court of Bologna;

Awards and recognitions

• Landscape Architecture Award "Ardito Desio" 2010 edition, Udine.

• Landscape Architecture Award "Ardito Desio" 2011 edition, Udine.

• Convivial landscape: project selected at the 6th European Landscape Biennial

• Barcelona. ACUSP National Award "More Green, more oxygen, more life", 2007, Naples.

• "Grifo di Cristallo" Prize - Roll of honor of the city of Imola, December 2017 (for figures that have distinguished themselves for relevant land development projects).