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Paolo Trevisi

Full Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/18 Animal Nutrition and Feeding

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Project for Rural Development of the Emilia Romagna Region - FOCUS AREA 2A - Project n. 5004933

Project Title:

Definition of practical guidelines to improve the best practices on farm to reduce the antibiotic usage and consequently the antibiotic resistant bacteria in the heavy pig farming system - Project link

The improper use of antibiotics is a risk factor for human and livestock health; it is one of the major causes of antibiotic resistant bacteria selection and reduction of drug’s efficacy. The Project has the following objectives: i. quantify the antibiotics use in pig productive cycle; ii. Contain the use of antibiotic in the Operative Group (OG) farming partners; iii. Associate the antibiotic usage with welfare and Biosecurity parameters; iv. Evaluate the effect of the antibiotic reduction on productive performance parameters; v. Define a guideline to reduce the antibiotic use at farm level.

Main benefits and opportunities: The project will be the first opportunity for the Region to define a list of
critical points and priorities for the reductions of antibiotic use and the decline of new events of antibiotic
resistances. It will be based on real and applicable actions developed on each individual farm. Furthermore, the project will be a starting point to create a map of antibiotic use on pig production. The data producedwill be very important to characterize the certification of pig production chain that recently is being pointed out as a necessity both for the breeders and the production chain in order to highlight the excellence of pork meat production. In addition, the project will have a significant and immediate impact on the breeding techniques (high communication with the real production), in particular for those companies who are not familiar with a correct use of the antibiotics. The operative manual will be free access for the Associates of OI. The main results of the project are: i. Reducing the use of antibiotics by 20% in the OG farm partners; ii. Improve the farmer knowledge on risks of uncorrected antibiotic use and the relative reduction strategies. iii. Produce an operative manual based on the farmer experience. Activities description: The project will have activities related to the cooperation and in addition, it will be characterized on 4 specifics actions listed below:
ACTION 1: Detection of antibiotic use on pig livestock and its association with Biosecurity and animals
welfare parameters.
ACTION 2: Analysis of the correlation between the singles antibiotic use, animal welfare and biosecurity.
ACTION 3: Application of corrective actions in partner farms of the OG.
ACTION 4: Drafting of the operating manual regarding the required measures to reduce the use of
antibiotics in pig farming

Budget: € 234.251,10
Budget UNIBO: € 69,469.63
Duration: 36 mesi (July 2016 - July 2019)
Coordiantor: Agrifarm s.r.l


  • Agrifarm s.r.l
  • Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell'Emilia Romagna (IZSLER)
  • Università di Bologna;
  • Società Agricola Gobbi Ennio Allevamenti S.S.
  • Tosi Gianni
  • Campo Bo S.S. Agricola
  • Cavazzuti S.S. Società Agricola
  • Società Agricola il Girasole di Bertacchini e Rigon S.S.
  • Centro Selezione Suini S.R.L. Società Agricola
  • Società Agricola Suingras di Fontanesi Lorenzo e C. S.S.
  • Azienda Agricola Ferrari Alberto
  • Dinamica S.C.A.R.L.
  • Organizzazione Interprofessionale Gran Suino Italiano

Fondo europeo agricolo per lo sviluppo rurale (FEASR)