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Paolo Torroni

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-INF/05 Information Processing Systems

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Artificial Intelligence


Recent dissertations supervised by the teacher.

First cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • Sviluppo di un Applicativo Web per l’Analisi dei Dati per il Teatro Comunale di Bologna

Second cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • A two-step LLM-augmented distillation method for passage reranking
  • Addressing Misinformation Challenges in War Scenario: Russo-Ukrainian War
  • Argument Mining into Active Learning Systematic Reviews: unlocking the synergy between MARGOT and ASReview
  • Automatic Terminology Coding for the Biomedical Domain
  • Automating Test Case Generation for Automotive Industry using Large Language Models
  • Comprehensive study of clinical entity extraction and classification using Large Language Models
  • Continual Learning for Improved Trash Classification in Recycling
  • Custom Data Integration for Large Language Models: Investigating Fine-tuning and Retrieval-Augmented Generation
  • Design and Implementation of a Neural Machine Translation Engine for Computer-Assisted Translations
  • Design and implementation of a privacy-preserving dialogue system based on argumentation
  • Developing an Automated ESG Data Extraction and Analysis Tool with NLP Techniques and Large Language Models
  • Developing and Comparing Machine Reasoning Models to Humans in NLP Tasks
  • Diving into Song Lyrics with Large Language Models: Unveiling Metadata Insights and Fueling Video Lyrics Generation
  • Efficient Information Extraction from Logistics Documents using OCR and AI Model: LayoutLMv3
  • Efficient Knowledge Distillation for Green NLP Models: Bridging the Gap with Large Language Models
  • Emotion Recognition for Human-Centered Conversational Agents
  • Empathic Voice: Enabling Emotional Intelligence in Virtual Assistants
  • Enhancing Chatbot Efficacy in Italian Language through Retrieval Augmented Generation and LoRA Fine-Tuning
  • Example Sentence Suggestion for Learners of Japanese as a Second Language Using Pretrained Language Models
  • Finetuning commercial Large Language Models with LoRA for enhanced Italian language understanding
  • Fine-Tuning Neural Codec Language Models from Feedback with Reinforcement Learning
  • From text to knowledge: Large Language Models-based methods for knowledge extraction
  • Generation of proprietary code: from the data extraction to the model finetuning and integration in multi agent system
  • Generazione e valutazione di test automatici tramite modelli di NLP avanzati
  • Graph Neural Networks in Recommendation Systems
  • Graph-Based Keyword Extraction from Scientific Paper Abstracts using Word Embeddings
  • Hierarchical Multi-Label Text Classification in a Low-Resource Setting
  • Intermediate linguistic task fine-tuning on Multi-lingual models
  • Knowledge graph embedding enhancement using ontological knowledge in the biomedical domain
  • Leveraging Large Language Models for Content Analysis and Generation for Podcast Transcriptions
  • Neural Clustering on Tree Structured Data: A case study on Argument Mining
  • Neural-Symbolic Learning: challenges and benchmarks
  • On the use of Prompting for Fine-Tuning Neural models for Speech Processing
  • Prompting techniques for Natural Language Generation in the Medical Domain
  • Quality and Aspect based Argument Generation
  • Realizzazione di uno slave EtherCAT integrante periferiche per applicazioni motion control
  • Royalty-Management Smart Contracts with Graph Neural Network-based Artist Recommendations
  • SynBA: A contextualized Synonim-Based adversarial Attack for text classification
  • Text Style Transfer in Italian Newspaper Articles
  • Time Sensitive Networking: implementation of a Real Time communication protocol for Machine to Machine and Controller to Controller communication in a Real Time environment
  • Tree regularized neural networks for key point analysis
  • Unstructured Knowledge Integration with Annotation Guidelines: A case study on text classification
  • Vocabulary Transfer and Knowledge Distillation for Language Model Compression
  • Voice Cloning: Increasing Expressivity of Italian Text-to-Speech with Phonemization
  • Voice conversion with pre-trained representations for audio anonymization

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