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Paolo Torroni

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-INF/05 Information Processing Systems

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Artificial Intelligence


Keywords: argumentation mining interaction protocols multi-agent systems agent-based simulation multi-agent dialogue logic programming hypothetical reasoning abductive logic programming argumentation opinion dynamics in social networks

My research interests are mainly in areas of Artificial Intelligence. During my PhD and in the following years I have been working on intelligent autonomous agents reasoning and coordination, logic and argumentation-based dialogue and negotiation, specification and verification of agent interaction. In particular, I have been working on runtime monitoring and exception handling in interaction protocols, developing modeling frameworks to specify agent interaction using declarative tools such as backward and forward rules, the event calculus, and social commitments.

I became interested in the emerging field of computational social sciences, where I believe that a great deal of progress made in logical reasoning frameworks, especially argumentation-based, and multi-agent systems, can find promising application and have a positive impact on the society. I also believe that computer science research, such as that discussed at AAMAS, COMMA, IJCAI conferences and the like, can learn a great deal from other disciplines such as social and cognitive sciences and philosophy.

Most recently my research has mainly focused on natural language processing: a rapidly expanding, broad of AI with significant applications. Some areas of interest in NLP are argumentation mining, which is concerned with the detection of argument from text in various genres and from speech, and legal analytics.

I worked hard to promote Computational Logic and MAS research through the activities of the Italian Association for Logic Programming (GULP), with my involvement in the steering committees of the DALT and CLIMA workshops series, and by organizing the ISCL and DALT Spring Schools. At DISI, I founded the language technologies lab, a vibrant research group currently involved in several collaborative research projects and topics.

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