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Miriam Capri

Associate Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/04 Experimental Medicine and Pathophysiology


Keywords: microRNAs human ageing and biomarkers electromagnetic fields mobile phone effects immunosenescence longevità e patologie età-associate post-operative delirium liver ageing space flight effects

1. Human ageing, longevity and biomarkers. Relevant results have been obtained in the field of immunosenescence in both animal model and humans. Data contributed to the conceptualization of theories such as “remodeling, inflamm-ageing and filling of immunological space”. Studies on genetics showed the role of different gene variants or polymorphisms involved in pathways such as inflammation, glucidic-lipidic metabolism and oxidative stress, when association studies were performed. European project, such as GEHA, have showed specific chromosome regions and loci associated with longevity phenotype, including such as APOE and TOMM4. The European project named MARK-AGE, which our laboratory was involved in, identified new biomarkers able to predict biological age of the subjects. A recent project focused on liver ageing has identified three microRNAs (miR-31; -141; 200c) that increase their expression during tissue ageing. Currently, the study of microRNAs, also in peripheral blood and carotid plaque, are ongoing and massive deep sequencing technique is also applied.

2. Study of microgravity-spaceflight- effects in astronauts at the International Space Station and relationship with accelerated aging processes.

3.Electromagnetic field effects. Extremely low frequency (50 Hz) and high frequencies (900-1800 MHz) fields were studied in in vitro or ex vivo experiments. Results obtained suggest the presence of biological effects depending on the type of field applied.

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