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Miriam Capri

Assistant professor

Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES

Academic discipline: MED/04 Experimental Medicine and Pathophysiology

Short Bio

Miriam Capri is authorship of more than 140 articles ( in international and peer-reviewing journals. To date (March 2020), she has a total citations of 9320; Hi: 54 in Google Scholar, (Hi: 46 in Scopus, cit 6492).To date she has a total Impact Factor of 586,869 (average IF: 4,222, average IF: 2015-2020: 5,429). She is author of 18 book chapters on topics related to aging and immunosenescence. Alma Mater Studiorum evaluation or VRA 2015-016-017-018-019 is AAA (where AAA is the highest score).

She is currently a member of the editorial board of "Aging Research Reviews" with Impact Factor di 10,390, and "Mechanisms of Ageing and Development."

She is also Associated Editors in "Frontiers in Endocrinology" (Aging). She is usually involved in the activity of referee for many international journals on human aging.

She is coauthor of the chapter “Invecchiamento” of book for Students of Medicine- Patologia Generale e Fisiopatologia-, Proff Mainiero, Misasi e Sorice. Edited by PICCIN SpA (2018).

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