Foto del docente

Matteo Cerri

Assistant professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/09 Physiology

Curriculum vitae

Matteo Cerri, M.D., Ph..

Last Name: Cerri
First Name: Matteo
Birthplace: Parma (Italy)
Birth Date July,30, 1973


- Department of Human and General Physiology
Piazza di Porta S. Donato 2
40126 Bologna, (Italy).

skype: Matteo Cerri
Phone +39 051 2091735
Fax +39 051 251731

Scientific Society Membership

SIRS (Italian Society of Sleep Research)
SFN (Society for Neuroscience)
ESRS (European Sleep Research Society)
SIF (Italian Society of Physiology)

SINE (Italian Society for Neuroethics


1998 – MD, University of Bologna
MD Thesis : “Intra-Surgery Thermic Equilibrium and post-Surgery Ipoxia in Major Orthopaedic Surgery”

1999 – Medical Licence

2002 – Ph.D. in Neurophysiology, University of Bologna.
Ph.D. Thesis: “Phenomenology of Sleep Homeostasis”


2002 - 2003 – Military Service in the Italian Army, as Medical Lieutenant.

2003 – Postdoc Fellow, Department of Human and General Physiology, University of Bologna, Piazza di Porta S. Donato 2, 40127 Bologna, (Italy)

2003-2005- Postdoc Fellow at the Neurological Science Insitute, Oregon Health & Science University - Portland - OR

2006 - Assistant Professor of Physiology, Medical School, University of Bologna

2008 - Tutor and Lecturer at the Collegio Superiore, University of Bologna

2014 - Consultant for the European Space Agency

2016 - Member of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics


2000 - Travel Grant from the 15th European Sleep Research Society meeting, Istanbul 12-16 Settembre, 2000.

2003 - Marco Polo Fellowship

2006 - ERSR Sanofi-Aventis young investigator Grant