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Marco Troncossi

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/13 Applied Mechanics


Troncossi, Marco; Canella, Giulio; Vincenzi, Nicolò, Identification of polymer concrete damping properties, «PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART C, JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE», 2022, 236, pp. 10657 - 10666 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Falcetelli, Francesco; Martini, Alberto; Di Sante, Raffaella; Troncossi, Marco, Strain Modal Testing with Fiber Bragg Gratings for Automotive Applications, «SENSORS», 2022, 22, Article number: 946 , pp. 1 - 20 [Scientific article]Open Access

Piraccini, Giorgio; Macrelli, Elena; Bianchini, Claudio; Troncossi, Marco; Bellini, Alberto, Vibration analysis of a motor/generator for flywheel batteries, in: 2022 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), 2022, pp. 1 - 4 (atti di: 2022 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), Detroit, MI, USA, 09-13 October 2022) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Troncossi, MARCO, Rosa SIMONE, Rivola, ALESSANDRO, Martini, ALBERTO, Vibration monitoring for the detection of tool failure in broaching machines, in: Proceedings of ISMA 2022 - International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering and USD 2022 - International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics, Heverlee, KU Leuven, Departement Werktuigkunde, LMSD (Mecha(tro)nic System Dynamics), 2022, pp. 510 - 521 (atti di: ISMA 2022 - International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering and USD 2022 - International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics, Leuven, Belgium, 12-14 September 2022) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Falcetelli, Francesco; Martini, Alberto; Rivola, Alessandro; Di Sante, Raffaella; Troncossi, Marco, Strain Modal Testing with Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors of Composite Components for Automotive Applications, in: Proceedings of the 2021 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Automotive (MetroAutomotive), 2021, pp. 181 - 186 (atti di: 2021 IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON METROLOGY FOR AUTOMOTIVE - METROAUTOMOTIVE 2021, BOLOGNA, ITALY, 1-2 LUGLIO 2021) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Troncossi, Marco; Taddia, Sara; Rivola, Alessandro; Martini, Alberto, Experimental Characterization of a High-Damping Viscoelastic Material Enclosed in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Components, «APPLIED SCIENCES», 2020, 10, Article number: 6193 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

Steinwolf A.; Cornelis B.; Peeters B.; Van Der Auweraer H.; Rivola A.; Troncossi M., On the use of kurtosis control methods in shaker testing for fatigue damage, «JOURNAL OF TESTING AND EVALUATION», 2020, 48, Article number: JTE20180149 , pp. 538 - 556 [Scientific article]

Vicini, Claudio; Cammaroto, Giovanni; Meccariello, Giuseppe; Iannella, Giannicola; Fragale, Marco; Cacco, Tommaso; Sampieri, Claudio; Guastini, Luca; Castello, Eolo; Parrinello, Giampiero; De Vito, Andrea; Gulotta, Giampiero; Visconti, Irene Claudia; Abita, Pietro; Pelucchi, Stefano; Bianchi, Giulia; Melegatti, Michela Nicole; Garulli, Gianluca; Bosco, Filippo; Gennaiotti, Alessandro; Berrettini, Stefano; Magnani, Massimo; Troncossi, Marco; Peretti, Giorgio, Overview of different modified full-face snorkelling masks for intraoperative protection, «ACTA OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGICA ITALICA», 2020, 40, pp. 317 - 324 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Martini, Alberto; Troncossi, Marco; Rivola, Alessandro, Algorithm for the static balancing of serial and parallel mechanisms combining counterweights and springs: Generation, assessment and ranking of effective design variants, «MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY», 2019, 137, pp. 336 - 354 [Scientific article]Open Access

Fallenius, Bengt E. G.; Örlü, Ramis; Bellani, Gabriele; Martini, Alberto; Troncossi, Marco; Mascotelli, Lucia; Fransson, Jens H. M.; Talamelli, Alessandro; Alfredsson, P. Henrik, Assessment of Wall Vibrations in the Long Pipe Facility at CICLoPE, in: Springer proceedings in Physics, 2019, 226, pp. 203 - 208 (atti di: iTi Conference on Turbulence, Bertinoro, 5-7/9/2018) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Canella G., Vincenzi N., Troncossi M., Experimental investigation on the damping properties of a polymer concrete, in: Proceedings of M2D2019, Bologna, Società Edistrice Esculapio, 2019, pp. 329 - 330 (atti di: 8th International Conference MECHANICS AND MATERIALS IN DESIGN, Bologna (Italy), 4-6 September, 2019) [Abstract]

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Troncossi M., Martini A., Vincenzi N., Rivola A., Numerical and experimental analyses to enhance the vibration response of rotary transfer machines, in: Proceedings of Survishno 2019, 2019, pp. 1 - 1 (atti di: Survishno 2019, Lyon (France), July 8-10, 2019) [Abstract]

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