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Marco Puleri

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: SPS/06 History of International Relations


Keywords: Russian Culture Post-Soviet Studies Nation Building National Ideologies Ukrainian Culture Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation Diaspora and International Relations: The Post-Soviet Case Migrations and Territorial Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Region

- Diaspora and international relations: The case of the 'Russian diaspora' in the post-Soviet space, with particular reference to the Ukrainian context. Conceptualization, diversification and theorization of ethnic and Russian-speaking communities in the post-Soviet era.

- Nation-building and state-society relations: Analysis of nation-building processes in the post-Soviet space, with particular reference to the Ukrainian and Russian cases. Study of intellectual and political relations in the internal debates of the two countries.

- Foreign policy of the Russian Federation in the post-Soviet space: conceptualization and periodization of Russian policies towards the so-called "Near Abroad" between the end of the 1990s and the first decades of the 2000s.

- Relations between Russia and the European Union in the post-Cold War era: conceptualization and periodization of the dynamics of the EU-led European integration process in the Eastern neighborhood vis-a-vis the evolution of the Russian-led Eurasian integration.

- Migrations and territorial conflicts in the post-Cold War era: analysis of case studies pertaining to the major dynamics and crises in the Balkan and post-Soviet areas.

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