Foto del docente

Marco Montagnani

Assistant professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/12 Gastroenterology


Keywords: gallstone disease PBC, primary biliary cirrhosis Kupffer cells viral hepatitis B, C and Delta bile acid metabolism liver cirrhosis

- Viral Hepatitis B, C and Delta; chronic cholestatic liver diseases (PBC, PSC); liver cirrhosis.

- Bile acid transport systems and bile acid metabolism; signalling factors involved in bile acid metabolism; bile acid malabsorption and bile acid diarrhoea.

- therapy of viral hepatitis B, C and Delta.

- treatment of liver cirrhosis

- genetic polymorphisms in gallstone disease, with particular attention for the PPARA gene.

- ROS formation in the Kupffer cells in the in vivo and ex vivo animal model.