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Marco Maglionico

Assistant professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/02 Hydraulic Structures, Maritime Engineering and Hydrology


Zanni, Sara*; Cipolla, Sara Simona; Fusco, Emanuela di; Lenci, Alessandro; Altobelli, Margherita; Currado, Antonio; Maglionico, Marco; Bonoli, Alessandra, Modeling for sustainability: Life cycle assessment application to evaluate environmental performance of water recycling solutions at the dwelling level, «SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION», 2019, 17, pp. 47 - 61 [Scientific article]

Cipolla, Sara Simona; Altobelli, Margherita; Maglionico, Marco, Decentralized Water Management: Rainwater Harvesting, Greywater Reuse and Green Roofs within the GST4Water Project, in: The 3rd EWaS International Conference on "Insights on Water-Energy-Food Nexus", Vasilis Kanakoudis and Evangelos Keramaris, «PROCEEDINGS», 2018, 2, pp. 673 - 681 (atti di: The 3rd EWaS International Conference on "Insights on Water-Energy-Food Nexus", Lefkada Island, Greece, 27-30 June 2018) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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Cipolla, Sara Simona; Maglionico, Marco, Heat recovery from urban wastewater: Analysis of the variability of flow rate and temperature in the sewer of Bologna, Italy, «ENERGY PROCEDIA», 2014, 45, pp. 288 - 297 [Scientific article]

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